The Best Ornamental Metal fence panels You Will EVER Need!

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There are many instances when people start searching for ornamental metal fence panels. But one thing that most of us overlook is calculating the overall cost, including the periodic maintenance as well as the installation expenses. While ornamental fencing readily enhances the overall outlook of your perimeter, it is also essential for buyers to realize how feasible will it be both regarding budget and security! After all, with most fences, you can’t avoid corrosion – the potent ingredient for hampering the much-needed purpose (security) of installing a fence, isn’t it? And when you start estimating the least expenses that you might need to put behind it for ensuring longevity, it seems as if you are forcefully trying to make a hole in your pocket!

That is why we bring you the Fiberfence® – A Fiberglass Reinforced Product, the only fiberglass fence that keeps you away from all the above said concerns, in turn, allowing you to be a proud owner of the most durable fencing material in the world at the most pocket friendly price!

What is the Fiberfence®?

FiberFence® is a FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Product, the toughest and the most durable materials in the world that’s much more sustainable than aluminum, timber or even steel! Due to its construction, fiberglass is known for its extremely low embodied energy, which means, the total energy required to manufacture a product right from the raw materials stage through the delivery of fiberglass products is much lower when compared to others.

Primarily pultruded fiberglass products are made of white sand or glass and only 25 percent of the product holds resin and other components that are combined to manufacture the composite. Pultruded fiberglass products are cent percent sustainable or Environment-Friendly.

Be it wrought iron, steel or any other metal fence panels, Fiberfence® can be manufactured to look alike!

Today, Fiberfence® is redefining the fencing industry with its ornamental style fencing solutions that look exactly like steel or wrought iron, yet surpassing the performance of iron and steel in virtually any industrial, commercial or residential application. If, how the ornamentals might appear is a concern, feel free to take a look at the vast possibilities Fiberfence® can offer in the Gallery Tab of our website –

Fiberglass fence Fiberfence® is unimaginably strong and can be configured to any metallic design of your choice, including manufacturing the fences in any color! To put it simply, if there is anything that can outrun those conventional metal fence panels with its performance, it’s the Fiberfence®

A quick look at the characteristics of the patented pultruded fiberglass product – Fiberfence®

  • Has tensile strength three times than that of steel
  • Lightweight compared to steel or iron
  • All-weatherproof and non-conductive
  • Doesn’t conduct heat and cold
  • Doesn’t expand or contract
  • Resistant to Bugs and animal proof
  • Will not rust, crack or peel
  • Completely maintenance free

While there are a whole bunch of details that you will want to know more about the ornamental fiberglass fences, you can take your search over the web, or simply visit We can assure that Fiberfence® can offer you the best and the most durable alternative ornamental metal fence panels you will EVER need! For any queries, reach us at (817) 379-4411 or drop us a mail at today.

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