Simple ball bounce game for Android

Written by priyaRock

The simple games are back in trends and like how. People are no longer interested in any of the complicated games that can take half of their time in understanding the game. They rather now prefer simple Android ball bounce game over the complicated games. There are many players who have confessed that they prefer simple games over the complicated ones.

As the market is inclining more towards the simple Android ball bounce game, there are many game developers who are coming up with unique ideas about them. However, the thing that should be considered here is that despite being simple, these games are not boring or monotonous. These games offer immense variations in the gameplay and thus attract the players.

The recent time, has witnessed the best ball bounce game for Android that offers a complete package to its players. Interested in knowing more about the game? Have a look:

  1. Small size: Unlike the many other bouncy ball games, this Android ball bounce game is small in size. This helps the players to be sure of the fact that the game will not affect the performance of their phone or device. The game just takes very little storage space and thus never outshines the performing factors of the device.
  2. Daily prizes: What’s in a game where you are not appreciated and rewarded for your consistency and dedicated playing? The Android ball bounce game is so made that it offers some of the interesting rewards to its players on daily basis. Thus, the players who are consistent with the game and keep winning every level are given the rewards such as extra life, power-ups, coins or extra powerful bouncy balls.
  3. Adventurous ride for kids: The game is full of many adventurous challenges especially for the kids. The kids can try and explore the various levels and can keep winning against them in the best possible manner. The game is one of the safest options that can be tried for letting the kids experience the fun of new adventures.
  4. Easy controlling: The present generation kids are very smart for handling and trying many new things. Considering this Android ball bounce game which offers an easy one finger control, it can be played with an easy control over the game. Hence, you can easily trust your kids that they can manage to play this game on their own.
  5. Sound and graphics feature: One of the strongest features of this Android ball bounce game is its sound and graphics quality. The game offers a realistic feel of the graphics which keeps the kids engaged with it. Further, the attractive neon colors of the background hold the attention of the kids and prevent any distractions.
  6. Fluctuating ball speed: Being simple does not mean that the game will be boring or slow. The fluctuating and varying speed of the ball is the clear proof for this game. As the kids keep growing in the game level, the speed of the ball keeps increasing.

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