Find if your laptop is of DDR2 RAM or DDR3 RAM

Written by priyaRock

RAM is just like the short term memory of the laptop. Whenever the laptop needs any information it first looks in RAM. When the desired information is not available in the RAM, then the laptop takes the more time-consuming process to look for the data on the hard drive. Many old laptops can be given a new life by buying the DDR3 RAM online.

When you are about to enable additional RAM in the laptop, it is first important to look for the best brand for DDR3 RAM online. Simmtronics is the well-known name that can help you in finding an authentic and effective DDR3 RAM online. The brand has all the variety of the RAM types making it one of the favorite choices of the people who are looking for the right type of DDR RAM for their laptop.

Now, the big concern that should be known is whether the laptop is of DDR2 RAM or DDR3 RAM. There are some significant points that can define which RAM type the laptop has. Let us have a detailed look to know the difference in between the two.


DDR RAM stands for Double Data Rate RAM. As the DDR RAM uses two data transfers per clock cycle, it is much more efficient than the normal SDRAM. Later came, the variations in the DDR RAM which was known as DDR2 RAM and DDR3 RAM. Both the variations are easily popular however there is a greater demand for DDR3 RAM online amongst the users. The DDR2 RAM provides 4 data transfer per cycle and the DDR3 RAM provides 8 data transfer per cycle. And as it is said, the more is always better in terms of performance and efficiency.

How to check the RAM type?

Due to the easy availability of DDR3 RAM online, most of the people think, that it is the by default RAM type in their laptop. But this is not correct. Different RAM types are not compatible with one another and therefore require having the exact knowledge of. You must be completely sure of the RAM type that you are using in your system.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista, then maybe you would have to install external software for checking the type of the RAM. Else opening the CPU is the only option. The new version of Windows like Windows 8 has a revamped task manager that can help you to let know the RAM type. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Open the setting page by pressing Windows-W
  2. In the search box, type Task Manager
  3. Under the task manager, click on the ‘performance’ tab and then on the available ‘memory’ tab
  4. The upper right side of the task manager window contains the information about the type of RAM installed in the laptop

If the RAM type is not of the latest version, then simply purchase the DDR3 RAM online for your laptop and enhance its performance.

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