Know about Ways to Weigh a Truck and Types of Truck Scales

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Mounted on concrete foundations Truck scales are large weighing machines and together with their content are used to weigh vehicles. By weighing it before the vehicle is loaded and also after it helps in calculating the load which a vehicle is carrying. Especially for people who have transportation business this is very essential.

Out of steel and concrete Truck scale is made. Each day all year long to handle a large amount of weight they are built. Up to 36,000 kilograms or 80,000 pounds per load can be handled by the scales. By sensors that receive signals from a junction box the weight is calculated.

Strain gauges have an electrical current running through them and are wires embedded in the concrete.

When pressure from the weight of the truck is sensed these wires will compress. In a booth on a monitor the weight is then displayed where the attendant records the weight. It is necessary that these systems are functioning and reliable, because it will directly affect their pocketbooks if they aren’t.

There are two basic types of truck scales in the market today. Depending on their needs amongst other transportation entrepreneurs businessmen use both varieties of scales. The two types are:

Full-length scales

In this type, onto the weighing platform the driver simply needs to position the load. In eight varieties – pit, low profile, concrete deck, full electronic, check rod restraint, steel deck, bumper bolt, and electromechanical restraint the full-length weighing machine comes.

On whether you use corrosive materials or not, your facility, and so on selecting the type of full-length vehicle scales depends. Of the two this weighing machine is costlier and with enough room on the exit ramp guardrails generally are required.

Among all types of truck scales Full-length scales are most common. Vehicles are used by numerous businessmen.

Axle scales

Being more practical in many applications these weighing machines are portable. Like above ground level or in a pit these can be placed wherever you want. The axle scales are very durable and are made of heavy duty steel; moreover, very easily these machines can be setup.

However, as compared to the full-length ones these weighing machines are a bit less accurate.

Here are two of the most common ways of weighing trucks in addition to the different scales used:

  • One-axle

For weighing a truck this is the most cumbersome method. In this method, with a set of wheels being on the scale across a single scale a truck gradually drives and stops each time. The total is calculated after noting individual axle weights.

  • One-stop

At the same time in this method to weigh the entire truck a number of scales are used. Automatically combining the axle weights to get the total weight the weighing machines are connected to a single electronic controller.

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