Why Use Illustrations in Your Website Design

To include effective illustrations on your website and enjoy related benefits, reach out to a web design company in Long Island.

In the present competitive business world, the key to generating new customers is far beyond referrals and word of mouth. A well-designed website is essential to build a strong consumer base and boost business growth. It helps you in targeting potential customers and with a user-friendly interface will have a better conversion rate, sales and revenue. Our web design company in Long Island provides dedicated website design solutions that help ensure better customer experience, attract more potential buyers and improve conversion rate.

To make websites more engaging and make the message clear, illustrations are used in web designs. It adds an aesthetic and attractive element to the website. Illustration web design is a powerful and creative medium that can identify and communicate the brand message universally.

Illustrations provide a visual representation of what is being shared so that it is easier for the users to understand. Today, illustrations are used on websites very often, however, these should not be considered as a decorative item for your website. Illustrations must have a specific purpose. There are several websites that effectively use illustration like Google Store, Airbnb, Spotify, Drone etc.

Why Have Illustrations on Your Website?

  • Informing: As mentioned earlier, illustrations are good for creating visual representations. So, it is good for visual instruction or user guides. Illustrations are minimal drawings which are better than photographs because they do not contain distracting details. They help to clearly show all the steps and actions that need to be taken. Using illustrations, you can also show the activities of a company and narrate it as a story.
  • Accentuating: Illustrations have the ability to attract users quickly and draw their attention. Therefore, illustrations should be placed at the right spot where you want to direct your user’s attention. Do not place your illustration in any random place or just to fill up your website, use it wisely.
  • Improve brand awareness: Illustrations help to emphasize the features of a brand and distinguish it from others. An illustration that is continuously used on a website, on product packaging, or on business cards is quickly remembered by the users and they can associate with the brand.
  • To create a theme: Illustrations can be used to create a theme for a website. For example, you can draw images of mountains and lakes for a nature-based company or use architectural blueprints for a building and design company. An illustration may also be used to identify a company’s location. Illustration is one of the most prominent features on a site that helps to create a unique image for the company.
  • Attract Users: A unique and effective illustration that connects with the audience and arouses interest in them helps them to connect with the content also. It makes your website stand out from the crowd of template-based projects.
  • Create a Mood: High-quality stylish illustrations can be used to set a mood for your website. They broadcast the connection of users in a certain circle and non-verbally communicate that this resource unites people with fans of a certain style and culture.

Different Stages of Working on Illustrations

  • Study and understand the topic: Before beginning one, an illustrator should understand the topic thoroughly, know more about the community and identify the styles and idea. They should become a part of the project.
  • Choosing additional references: Clients will provide a set of images that may be a different category. Understand what the client wants and refer other images and references that meet the needs of the client.
  • Sketching: The third step is the most challenging one, i.e. to sketch the illustration. Here the illustrators should be able to depict what the client wants to convey.
  • Confirmation from the customer: Once the sketches are confirmed by the client, the next step is editing.
  • Rendering sketches: In this stage, the time is spent on developing the character or image and complexities of the environment. It aims to improve the presentation of the illustration.
  • Web design: In this stage, the illustration is embedded into the website and into the application.

Illustrations make your website look good, and it helps your website to share a message with your viewer. An attractive illustration will enable your viewers to take actions such as signing up for newsletter etc. So, to include illustrations on your website, reach out to a web development company in New York and benefit from dedicated solutions provided by experienced web designers.

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