Why Shouldn’t You Deal With Insurance Companies Without a Lawyer After a Car Crash?

Many of the Illinois state government’s departments have their headquarters in Springfield. Motor vehicle accidents and car accidents are a part of the city’s hectic traffic conditions. If you are in a Springfield car accident, you can contact a Springfield car accident lawyer for assistance in filing for compensation. 

Your attorney can help you win the highest compensation you are eligible for. Trying to handle the insurance compensation recovery process by yourself without any expert legal assistance could end up being confusing, strenuous, and time-consuming.

Eligibility for Damages

Springfield is one of the US cities that follows an “at fault” the city also follows rules of “modified comparative negligence.” As per the legal provisions affecting the city, you are only eligible for compensation if your “at fault” percentage is lower than that of the other party involved. 

The court measures the responsibility percentages of all parties involved in the accident. If the party involved in the accident has a higher responsibility percentage than 50%, such party will not be eligible for any damages or reimbursements. 

The court will also apply the responsibility percentage to decide the amount of compensation you are eligible for. If your responsibility level is 10%, you can only recover 90% of the damages incurred. 

While these percentages are easy for insurance companies and legal experts to understand, a non-specialist may find them too complicated. You will find it challenging to compute your degree of responsibility and eligible claim amount without a Springfield car accident lawyer’s guidance.

Types of Damages

It may be difficult for you to know what type of damages you are eligible for without the help of an expert car accident lawyer. You may be eligible for monetary and non-monetary damages. The different types of damages covered under Illinois car-accident compensation insurance laws include medical expenses reimbursements, wage loss, and property damages.

If the car accident leads to one or more fatalities, the insurance company will compensate the deceased’s family. Reports show that the number of car accident-related fatalities is lower in Springfield than in other US cities. There have been only five reported car accident fatalities in Springfield between 2014 and 2017. 

Lawyers also know of other legal details surrounding car accident insurance, as the statute of limitations. As per the laws applicable to Springfield, victims must file for property damages within five years and personal injury damages within two years.

Dealing with “At Fault” Driver’s Insurance Company

You may have to communicate with the “at-fault driver’s” insurance company as part of the compensation recovery process. It takes an experienced car accident lawyer to prove your eligibility for damages to the other party’s insurance company. Your lawyer will have little difficulty understanding the coverage provisions included in the other driver’s insurance policy. 

Find the Right Lawyer

Springfield is the States’ largest employer and most significant economic hub. The job growth rate in Springfield is expected to rise to 22.1% over the decade. An increase in the number of jobs would also increase road activity in the city. If you are a Springfield car accident victim, you should work with an expert car accident lawyer in the city. Your lawyer will assist you with every aspect of the legal process. 

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