Why Should You Buy Life Insurance Online?

Written by ekta20

Now-a-days buying life insurance policy has become an absolute necessity due to the increasing uncertainties in life. You must avail a life insurance policy for securing your own and your family’s financial future. Buying life insurance has now become extremely easy due to the technological progress and the emergence of internet. Individual preferences have now shifted to buying products online at their own comfort. With internet making shopping experience delightful and our lives easier, the trend in buying insurance policy online is fast becoming one of the cheapest, fastest and convenient modes of transaction.


You can now look for all the information related to insurance, understand different plans of various companies, do comparisons and choose the best life insurance plan for yourself from the comfort  of your home. There is a trend seen that many people these days are opting to renew or purchase insurance policy online leading to a steady growth in buying online insurance policy. So it is highly recommended to go the online way of buying an insurance policy.

Mentioned below are some more benefits of buying insurance policies online:


  • Economical: Buying life insurance policy online is cost effective when compared to traditional insurance plans. The premiums of online life insurance policies are cheaper than the traditional insurance plans. This is primarily because you directly purchase the policy from the insurance company and the cost of commission paid to the agent is saved. While buying a life insurance policy online, the intermediary is omitted and so are the costs related to the same. The insurance company thus passes these benefit to its customers by lowering the premium amounts.
  • Convenient: Buying a life insurance policy online is an easy, fast and convenient method. Buying online saves the time of waiting in long queues in the insurers offices. You can compare, choose and buy insurance policies online at your own comfort and as per your availability. Also the online process of choosing and paying for an insurance policy is very user-friendly and yes, extremely secure.
  • Eco-Friendly: You get your insurance policy document on your email when buying it online. The whole process of buying an insurance policy right from application to insurance document generation is available digitally. All the required documents like ID proof, Address Proof etc. have to be submitted online. Even the insurance application is signed digitally. In short, the policy issuance is done in no time!
  • Transparency: Buying a life insurance policy online is a very transparent process as availability of all the policy related information is available online. You can access the policy documents and check the terms and conditions of the policy online any time. Besides, you can also save yourself from misselling from agents since you yourself can review the policy as well the insurer online.
  • Round the clock assistance: If you have any query regarding your policy, then you avail assistance from the insurance company at any time of the day. The insurance company provides assistance 24*7 to its customers. There are many ways in which the customers can avail the assistance like live chat or SMS or by submitting your mobile number so that the customer care executives can contact you.. For assistance you can anytime reach out to the customer care as per your convenience and get your query resolved. The services are not just limited to after sales but even the policyholder can file for claim at any time which makes the entire process convenient and hassle free.
  • Compare: When opting for online way of buying life insurance policy, the most important benefit is that you have an option to reach out to and view plans of all the companies available in the market. You can also compare all the plans and choose the one that best suits your requirement.
  • Higher Sum Assured: Some of the companies that sell policies online provide higher sum assured at a same premium as compared to those sold offline.
  • Reviews: While searching for the best life insurance plan online you can always read about the reviews of the company and different plans offered by them on discussion forums, blogs, social networking sites etc.


Life insurance is a tool that helps you to secure your family’s life in the days when you aren’t around. Therefore, to get the insurance policy at a lower cost as well as buy as per your convenience, in today’s world of technological advancement, it is always beneficial to buy life insurance policies online.

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