Why is it important to sponsor a child?

Want to change the world and make a significant difference? Start with helping other people and change their life in a better way. And what better deed would be than to help an underprivileged child get a happy life! To sponsor needy children is like the butterfly effect. You might not understand what major impact it would make when you donate some amount of money for a child’s future, but in his/her life, it would be like a God’s gift!

To sponsor a child is a personal yet beautiful way to contribute to this society and someone’s future. You are literally building someone’s life just by donating your money. For you, it might be money, but for a child who is really in need, it’s a treasure. Let’s deeply understand why is it important to sponsor a child –

1. It builds the foundation for a child’s career
Sponsoring a child’s needs or sponsoring his/her education is a step taken in a good direction. When you sponsor someone’s education, you are ultimately building their career’s foundation. One would be blessed when their needs are taken care of by someone with a kind heart.

2. It helps to fight poverty
When you sponsor a child, you help us to eradicate poverty from this community and overall from this country. Over 20 million children alone in India need support to fight this cause and you help them to do so.

3. It lets you create and experience the change in someone’s life
When you sponsor a child from our SOS Children’s Villages of India, you can experience the difference you would make in their lives. You would get an SOS Newsletter and SOS Messenger which would always keep you updated. You can also view the progress report of your sponsored child twice a year. Just imagine the happiness you would be getting while experiencing such great changes around you!

4. It provides long term support for a child and the whole community
Your money is like a treasure for an underprivileged child. Not only does it supports the child, but it also helps to strengthen the will of the whole community. You see, it’s not a one-way cause, it develops everyone and everything around.

5. It motivates you to do more good deeds whilst you are on this planet
One good deed leads to another! When you will experience the euphoria when a sponsored child does something great in his/her life, you will be amazed how much more impact you can create in other such lives. You will be delighted to help and support other such causes and leave a legacy behind.

6. It is simple and affordable!
Sponsoring a child nowadays is simple and affordable. It is quick and online, you don’t even have to leave your home to create an impact in this new digital society. You can sponsor a child in India in few simple steps!

7. Lastly, it inspires more and more people and creates awareness
You inspire not many but at least one more person when you do such acts of kindness. And those people inspire others! You see, doing such acts of kindness and supporting such causes create awareness amongst people like a chain and eventually, every one of us feels obliged to help such children. It is the need of the hour and everyone is stepping up. You should too!

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