Why custom bakery boxes are important?

If you are anything like us then we know one thing that you are serious about your desserts. However, if you are a baker or a pastry chef then you must be almost as serious about your custom bakery boxes as you are about how your desserts tastes. If not, then you need to get your priorities right because custom bakery boxes aren’t just simple boxes, they are more. They are the first thing your customers hold and should be treated as such. Their design, feel and product holding qualities should all be flawless and be able to impress customer before they even taste the delicacy you invested hours in preparing.  So when you are working hard to ensure that your baked masterpieces are perfect, we at OXO Packaging can take care of your bakery packaging boxes.

Let us tell you how we make your custom bakery boxes as special as the items they are containing:

Odor-Free, Hygienic Boxes:

Food packaging is a tough nut to crack because not only the box has to protect the food from the external condition but it also has to sustain the flavor of the food packed inside it. Our packaging experts work tirelessly to create the premium quality bakery boxes that are hygienic and can protect the product from external contaminations without messing them up. They will seal up the flavor and freshness of the product for the limited time it takes your product to reach the customers’ hands.

Custom Sizes, Printing & Layouts:

Your bakery is unique in a way that only you can make it. At OXO, we appreciate such individuality and encourage it through the unique looking boxes. You can order any customized size of the box and shape to suit your product’s needs. We offer standard designs of almost all baked items like:

  • Muffin Boxes
  • Fudge Boxes
  • Donut Trays Boxes
  • Decorative Chocolate Boxes
  • Macaron Boxes
  • Pie Boxes
  • Pastry Boxes
  • Donut Boxes
  • Biscotti Boxes

You can personalize these boxes in any way you like and have them printed in accordance with your brand theme. If you have any specialized box in mind, our gifted designers can also create them for you especially. Our experts can design all types of window boxes, display boxes, and gift boxes to suit your food items. We use the latest CMYK/ PMS printing technique so that the printed boxes come out just right.

Cupcake Inserts or Cake Slice Boxes:

We also design the perfect box inserts to separate your products and hold them straight up without letting them collide with one another because that’s how frosting disasters happen. These inserts are lightweight but firm so things like cookies, donuts, macrons will always retain their shapes until they reach the customers.

If you are catering to the weddings then we can also create cake slice boxes to give away as wedding favors. It needn’t’ be a wedding, you can use slice boxes for pies, sandwiches as well as pizzas. These slice boxes are convenient and handy. We assure you your customers on diet will appreciate them.


All in all OXO Packaging is a master of packaging your food as you are master of creating them. We pride ourselves on our services and uphold the best standards for 100% customer satisfaction on each order given. There is no box you can think that we can’t make. And all this within your budget and without compromising on the quality of your bakery boxes with logo. Pretty sweet deal! Don’t you agree?



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