Why are Custom Boxes Better than Stock Boxes?

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Stock box packaging and custom box packaging are two options for any product manufacturer to pack the products but what is the difference between these two packaging’s options and which one is highly preferred by successful business entrepreneurs for their products? Let’s understand the difference first.

Stock box packaging is basically generic packaging “Ready-made” that one could affix the label of the company and use to enclose the company products. Stock boxes are produced in massive quantity at a cheaper cost. Generally, they come in very limited sizes and styles. Somehow, many companies are still using ready-made packaging as it doesn’t throw a financial burden on their business venture.

Then, here comes the Custom box packaging. Whether you are storing products, transporting them or displaying them in the consumer stores, the Custom boxes are tailor-made and specifically designed for a perfect fit to any product’s shape.

Custom box packaging is designed by expert designers or packaging structural engineers who have in-depth knowledge and a better understanding of retail businesses. It certainly needs specific mechanical tools for customization. This packaging is a little bit expensive because it requires a significant amount of designing and printing before handing it over to the product’s manufacturer for packing. A prototype will be designed initially to show you that how will your product packaging look like before it comes to life. There are some certain differences in custom boxes and stock boxes regarding customization, quality and price.


Quality and Customization in Custom Boxes & Stock Boxes

  • Custom boxes are customized to an optimal size color & style as per the requirements of the businesses but stock boxes are limited in sizes, styles and cannot be tailored furthermore.
  • You can clearly state or print the product contents, benefits and other important (relevant information) on custom boxes with various CMYK basic printing colors but the product’s name and other info on stock boxes can only be labialized temporarily.
  • Several Brands like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart achieved a unique look or feel by customizing their box packaging with eye-catching designs but many other brands who have used stock boxes for their products couldn’t be able to become recognizable brands & failed to develop popularity in marketplace.
  • Custom box packaging is more than just “Branded Packaging”, optimal sizing & protective box packaging can save your time and costs on shipping but stock boxes are less intact in such cases due to their limited customization options in materials and dimensions.



Brand Recognition with Custom Boxes & Stock Boxes

  • You can create branding identity and logo by printing it on custom boxes however products packed in stock boxes tend to blend in with the rest of the market, lose brand differentiation and fail to attract consumers.
  • When a package arrives in a custom box, it demonstrates a heightened level of care on the merchant’s behalf & creates a more positive, all-encompassing experience & helps the customer feel as if they are having a unique shopping experience from start to finish but Sending products to customers’ doors in plain brown boxes (stock boxes), you’re sending the message that you don’t care about your packaging. And if you don’t care about your packaging, what does that say about how you care for your products?


Added Protection & Appearance: Custom Boxes Vs. Stock Boxes

  • In online Businesses, Custom boxes reduce the risk of breakage for glass items, electronics, and other fragile products during transit because of perfect fit sizes for the products (80% customer satisfaction) but stock boxes are not too much defensive due to not having right dimensions against the product that is packed in (only 11% customer satisfaction).
  • Custom boxes give a more refined and professional appearance to your product and provide your product the high edge it needs over the competition in the retail market but stock boxes are less appealing due to their restricted dimensions & customization.



Custom/ Branded box packaging can also play an important role in customer satisfaction. When done right, branded or custom box packaging exemplifies a unique opportunity to create an unforgettable, positive experience for customers. If they’re new customers, that first impression can go a long way. Not only are you saving money, but you’re creating a better brand image in the eyes of your customers. With these advantages in mind, customized boxes are definitely worth considering for any size of e-commerce business.

What do you think? Will you still be using stock box packaging? Let us know!

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