Which Laptop Brand is Better HP or Dell

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Are you looking to buy a laptop? Two big brands must have come to your mind at very first; HP or Dell. Because both brands are most reliable and trustworthy when it comes to buying a laptop.

Well, with this blog, I am going to remove your all confusion stating the clear difference between Dell or HP. On the request of users, I have performed an in-depth review of Dell vs HP laptops.

Before I start let me tell you one thing that brand name is only the sticker affixed to the product. What really matters is the product. While buying a laptop you must focus on laptop’s specification, price, durability, maintenance etc.

With the fact that Dell or HP is developing high-quality laptops; they have become the leader in the laptop industry.  Both of them are making their ways to manufacture best ever laptop. So, choosing the best out of two is very difficult. But, there are some points where HP is standing out and for the remaining Dell is leading. So here is the clear-cut comparison between both of two.


The very first difference is the price. Dell laptops are cheaper as compared to the HP laptops. The reason behind high price of HP laptop is that they are sold out from a dedicated server, unlike Dell laptops which are sold out directly to their specialized vendor.

Design and Look:

Dell laptop is always best in design since its inception. And it seems Dell will continue generating best-designed laptop. The main highlight of Dell laptop design is associated with its color. It comes with wide range of color while HP laptops are restricted in color variation.


Finally, we reach a point where HP laptop is better. Yes, you heard it right. HP laptops are a high-performing computer as compared to the Dell laptop. Less amount of bloatware and less complementary stuff used in their laptops make it high performing computer.


HP laptop is coming with very new features that are supposedly better working than that of Dell. Generally, HP is developing entertainment-oriented laptops and that is why they are feature rich.

Battery Life

Battery life of HP laptop is higher than that of Dell laptops. HP laptops have various power and battery setting options, by optimizing the setting, you can also increase the life of your battery.

The wide range of Laptop options

Dell is offering a wide range of laptops to its users. It focuses on every requirement of individuals, professional, and businesses. So, if you are looking for the very specific laptop that matches your requirement, you can opt for Dell brand. On the other hand, HP is very limited to different options in the laptop.

Customer Service & Warranty

Everybody knows that technical devices always tend to corrupt or misfunction some time or other. That is why customer service is mandatory in case of the technology company. Dell is doing a great job providing better customer services to their users. Though HP is also offering technical support services to the users it is in very limited manner. They basically provide support to those whose laptop is under the warranty period.

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