Which are the top two schools that offer Scholarships for Secondary school in Ahmedabad?

Secondary school scholarships 

Scholarships are programs that reward a student’s academic achievement by either providing complete financial assistance to them or partly waiving off their tuition fees. School scholarships have been an important part of our society as it gives a fair chance to students from all walks of life to continue their education and grow into responsible citizens of this century. 

Scholarships also reduce the financial burden faced by the family of these students and even paves way for new opportunities to study in top institutions in India and abroad. A scholarship student has a lot of advantages when he is looking for a lucrative career as a scholarship is a shining feather in his hat during the recruitment process. 

Different kinds of scholarships

There are different types of secondary school scholarships that have distinct criteria and eligibility.

  • Merit-based scholarships: These are solely decided on the academic achievements of the student and the excellent results he has obtained in the last few years. 
  • Merit-cum-Means based scholarships: These are scholarships provided to students who come from a family with a lower income and above-average academic performance.
  • Sports-based scholarships: Sports-based scholarships are for those students who excel in certain sports and show their expertise in state, national and international level competitions.
  • Talent-based scholarships: These are offered to students who show exceptional talent in different extracurricular fields and who have performed in reputable competitions and platforms.

All these scholarships either cover the whole fees or a part of it based on the level of excellence achieved and the family’s financial background.

Top two schools that offer secondary school scholarships

Global Indian International School: GIIS

Global Indian International school has been a pioneer in International education since its inception in 2002 in Singapore. The school offers various scholarship programs to deserving students who excel in fields like Academics, Sports, technology, or any Extracurricular activity

GIIS is a great platform that offers holistic education based on the 9 gems of education representing academic excellence, sports excellence, Community service, Leadership and entrepreneurship, Ethics and other important aspects of education.

It offers scholarships like Global citizen scholarship, Global Future-ready merit scholarship, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global skills scholarship, and the 9 GEMS holistic development scholarship to deserving students.

Ahmedabad education society: AES

The Ahmedabad education society has been one of the oldest educational institutions in Ahmedabad established in 1935. The foundation was laid by influential businessmen and social leaders who prevailed in the era of Indian Independence. AES believes that all meritorious students deserve to study in a good school and should be given the right opportunity and the right platform to excel further.

AES has been offering Merit-cum-Means scholarships to as many students as possible and also arranges for loans and concessions on interests for students who come from a low family income bracket. The eligibility is also based on the performance of the students in academics. 


School Scholarships offer the much-needed financial assistance to so many students who possess excellent skills in their educational years. Schools that offer scholarships have the best interest of the students and aim to empower these gifted students with the right tools and the right platform to survive in the outside world.

These top secondary schools in Ahmedabad help students achieve their goals and grow into successful, responsible, and mature citizens of our country.


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