What is Ugears?- Educational 3D Mechanical Puzzle

Essentially, it is a wooden construction kit (or 3D- puzzle if you like) containing differently shaped details pressed in plywood sheets. Ugears uses a high quality 3.5-3.7 mm thick plywood. The details are outlined with a CNC laser cutter that provides precise hairline cuts. The details come together in mechanical models with attractive bold elements such as gears and drives. This however is only a formal description.

Tractor (97 parts) with a Trailer (68 parts)

Featuring a four-by-four model with mechanical gearbox. The Trailer has a catch of its own: special gearing tips over its body that also has a dump-flap. It comes with some handy farming tools too!

The Ugears kits have this special “thing” to it – the creators made sure you get to enjoy it start to finish. Virtually, from unpacking (the packaging design deserves a separate credit, not to mention the amazing wooden smell when you open it) to reviewing a step-by-step instruction manual that leads you through your Ugears-adventure – captivating and thorough assembly process and observation of the outlines of your model coming together. And, of course, the game. It doesn’t mean you’d only get to play with the car pushing and pulling it like a kid (although – why not if you enjoy it?), it also offers you a grown-up kind of a pleasant pastime. This compares to an antique cars collector’s delight of sitting in a 1969 Mustang’s leather seat. The assembled model draws you in completely and it is a pleasure hard to resist.

So if you decided to buy this construction kit for your child, consider getting two at once. You will want to put one of them on your desk to fuss over and show off to your friends.

Truck UGM-11, basic configuration of 420 parts

The photo demonstrates two additions to a basic configuration of the truck – a tanker and a ladder. The rotating telescopic ladder has a hook that can turn the model into a lorry-mounted crane. The tanker is designed to fit a freight of one standard 0.33 l can.

To get a better idea of what UGEARS models are we shall present a few examples.

(See video On Youtube-Channel Ugears India- https://youtu.be/YeP_sIQekbg)

The locomotive has two extras you can purchase separately: a Railway platform (196 parts) and a Rails and Crossing kit of 200 parts. You can also expand your model transport park with tractors, trucks and trams. Frankly speaking, not all the transport models are made within the same scale. However, it is not a big issue especially for a child that in a majority of cases wouldn’t care about the proper scale of different toys. And, most importantly, some of the models come in a larger scale to the real-life machines then the others due to the sizes of the details that cannot be too small. In other words, the truck using the same scaling as a locomotive will be tiny; and the locomotive in the scaling of a truck turns into a giant inconvenience of over a meter and a half length. After all, even LEGO doesn’t necessarily preserve the same scaling in all of its models — they don’t have to be an exact copy.

Incidentally, a comparison to LEGO is quite relevant. 80 years ago, a Danish carpenter, Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder of LEGO, had started his extremely successful business by making wooden toys. Ugears is a young team that plans to eventually expand their mechanical world by creating more new exciting models. For more info visit us: Online Gift Shopping | Online Gift Store

Puzzles for grown-ups

In addition to cars and locomotives, Ugears model range offers other types of construction kits. Some of them you might call as well “Puzzles for adults”.For example, they have a 100% functional 179-detail wooden safe. Who knows, maybe their next design would be the famous Enigma cipher machine?

Burglar-resistant safe with three-digit code. This is certainly a wooden safe and nothing can keep a thief from sawing it… But isn’t it just boring? Picking a lock is way more fun!

There is also a 61-parts Treasure Box. Or, for instance, an unpretentiously looking wooden Combination Lock that can be programed with over a 1000 combinations and will also be a great visual example to explain the operating principle of a lock to a child.

(See video On Youtube-Channel Ugears India- https://youtu.be/Y2-pSn8TH9Y)

In fact, explaining things to a kid using models as an example is very cool. Showing how a steam engine’s wheel drive (so-called link motion) or a combine harvester works is much easier when you have a moving model to demonstrate the actual process. Often a kid finds it difficult to focus on a book or verbal explanation while a real-life example always draws attention. As you can see, Ugears models are not only toys, but also useful tools to facilitate your child’s development. In case one of the parts will go missing, there are some extra spare details in the kit — because the creators of Ugears have kids of their own and know too well that things around kids tend to disappear.

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