What Are The Different Types Of Ponchos?

The famous and trendy garment – poncho –originated in South America in the pre-Inca eras look pretty similar to the Cape since it’s also sleeveless and worn across the neck. These garments are available in various styles.

Ponchos for women prove to be a great fashion statement. They are made of one piece of material and can be way too casual or very flattering depending upon the type of poncho you wear.

When you wear them in the right way, ponchos become an amazing piece of the style statement which every girl finds worth an investment. These are extremely comfortable and cozy garments and look very stylish. Since there are various types of ponchos available in the market, it gets confusing which one to buy.

Let’s check out some different types of ponchos.

Mexican style poncho

Firstly, and most prominently is the traditional Mexican poncho normally made up of wool with an opening in the center to easily put around your neck. Bulk ponchos in Mexico generally have colorful patterns and can further have tassels all over its edges. These days it is worn as a warm outer apparel because of its durability and versatility.

Rain poncho

A rain poncho is made from various materials. The most popular of them include nylon and vinyl as these are easy to carry during the rainy season. These materials are not just waterproof but are very light weighted as well.
One benefit of a rain men’s ponchos is when they work outside the poncho fits so well under the arms that it keeps the person dry by not allowing snow or rain to get in.

Ruana poncho

This variant of poncho originated from Venezuela or Colombia. It is normally knee-length garment and is wrapped more over the shoulders. This poncho is generally made of a much thicker fabric which makes it an ideal wear during the harsh climate of mountains.

To enhance the style statement, you can fasten it with a belt that will give you an enhanced trendy look.


This is also the traditional Mexican style poncho which is known by several names such as sarape and gaban. This garment is handwoven just like a blanket with beautiful patterns and designs.

Hooded Poncho

Again, a no armholes garment with an oversized hood added at back to provide an extra layer of warmth to your head. This type of knitted poncho is cozy enough which makes it an easy wrap for any fit and size.

The cap attached at the poncho offers a cool outlook to anyone who wears this. This poncho is quite in trend these days due to its elegant style.

Earlier, only men wore the more extravagant designs of ponchos, however, nowadays women are opting for this garment more. In fact, it appears as if women are taking their retribution by wearing bright, interesting, and remarkably distinctive designs of ponchos during winters. The poncho proves to be highly attractive and famous apparel and its journey from South America to almost everywhere around the world has been very interesting.

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