When it comes to male sterilisation or long-term contraception, a vasectomy is the best option. To prohibit sperm from reaching the egg in the urethra and hence preventing a female from being fertilized during sexual intercourse, masculine vasa deferentia is cut and knotted or sealed.

The most effective alternative for men who no longer want to have children is to get a vasectomy in Brooklyn, New York. In certain cases, urologists may do the surgery in the doctor’s office under local anaesthetic, which takes around 20 minutes.

During a vasectomy, the deferens tubes, which are responsible for transporting sperm from the ovaries to the penis, are cut. Ejaculation does not result in pregnancy because spermatozoa are not ejected, which prevents the egg from being fertilised, and so pregnancy is prevented.


  • Does Sus Have The Ability To Achieve This?

Vasectomy and lashing of the tubes are among the surgical operations that may be performed free of charge via SUS, but one must meet two minimum requirements: age over 25 and at least two kids.

It is also possible for men who do not want any more children to have this procedure, which costs between R$ 500 and R$ 3000, depending on the facility and the doctor.

  • Does The Healing Process Hurt?

An inflamed and sensitive scrotum might result after a simple vasectomy operation; however, this discomfort can be alleviated by taking anti-inflammatory medication and resting.

You should be able to drive and do most everyday activities within two or three days following the procedure. Only after a full week of rest and recovery should personal contact begin.

  • How Long Does It Take For The Results To Begin To Show?

The condom should be used for at least three months following a vasectomy, since even though the procedure prevents sperm from reaching the penis, some sperm may remain in the canals, allowing for conception.

Up to 20 ejaculations are necessary on average to remove all the spermatozoids from the canals. When in doubt, it is a good idea to take a count of your sperm to be sure that they have been wiped off entirely.

  • Is The Man’s Sperm Supply Cut Off?

Prostate and seminal vesicles create spermatozoids as well as other fluids that aid the spermatozoids in their movement.

Because of this, sperm production continues as long as the male reproductive system functions correctly. In contrast, this sperm lacks the spermatozoids that are necessary for conception.

  • In The Event Of A Vasectomy, Can It Be Reversed?

Reversing a vasectomy by attaching the different channels is possible in certain situations, although the odds of success vary according to how long it has been since the procedure. When spermatozoids are no longer being created by the body, it starts manufacturing antibodies that destroy them.

If the spermatozoids return to the body after many years, they may not even be fertile enough to carry a pregnancy.

As a result, the vasectomy should only be utilised when the couple is very certain that they will not be having any more children.

  • Are There Any Dangers To Continuing To Suffer From Impotence?

Surgery on the decelerating channels within the scrotum does not impact the penis, hence the chances of developing impotence are quite minimal. Some men may have anxiety, which makes it very difficult to erect, particularly in the first few weeks, when the vaginal area is still hurting, for instance.

  • How Long Until The Thrill Wears Off?

The vasectomy does not affect a man’s sexual satisfaction since it does not change the penis’s sense of touch. As a bonus, the male body continues to create testosterone, the hormone that boosts a man’s desire for sex.


Vasectomy gives the male the most control over his wife’s pregnancy since she will no longer need to utilise contraceptive methods like the pill or injections, for example, after roughly three to six months. When it comes to how long it takes for the spermatozoid in the canals to be eliminated by ejaculation, it depends on the individual. Consequently, it is best to inquire with your doctor about the suitable waiting period for your situation.


It is, nevertheless, important to keep in mind that a vasectomy doesn’t really protect from sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV and syphilis and that condoms should still be used in every sexual interaction, especially if there are several partners.



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