Top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Trends for 2022

SEO Search Engine Optimization looks to evolve in 2022 as Google and other search engines adapt their algorithms to provide their users with the most accurate search results.

Hence, there is a rise in the popularity of feature snippets, long-form content, and optimized images, indicating a transition into a new era of SEO.

Moreover, BrightEdge, reports that SEO brings in around 1000 times more traffic than social media does. So, SEO search engine optimization services will continue to be in demand despite the naysayers, even in 2022.

Here is a quick look into the best SEO trends for 2022.

1) Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are essentially brief excerpts that appear in the Google search results. The featured snippets are mostly extracted from the web page content itself and offershort and pinpointed answers to user queries.

The general idea is that featured snippets increase CTR as it quickly addresses reader queries.  However, unfortunately, in practice, it often reduces the organic click-through rate as the audience gets their answers in the featured snippet itself without clicking on the link. Hence, the featured snippet content has to be extremely engaging to merit a click.

Back in 2019, 49% of the searches on Google lead to featured snippets. Featured snippets boost brand authority and recognizability, according to Moz.

Additionally, with Passage Ranking, Google is now diving into long content to find the answers that its users want.

Hence, organizing and enhancing the content on websites to feature short snippets of information might be helpful in 2022.

2) Optimized Images

In 2022, SEO Search Engine Optimization meaning is all aboutimage optimization. Users can now search by scanning images, directly shop with scanned images, get facts and find answers easily, all with images!

Hence, Google has turned up the heat on image labeling and optimization, which projects that this is a part of their long-term strategy. In fact, before 2021, images were only among 23.3% of the SERP features. Expect this to change.

Since web crawlersuse the alt tag for image indexing, it will now become preeminent. Therefore, marketers must utilize the alt tag feature to inform the web bots about their website’s images and make them relatable for specific search queries.

3) Long-Form Content

The State of Content Marketing Strategy reported that long-form content received 3 times traffic and 4 times more shares.

High-quality long-form content has people staying engaged on a web page longer, consuming the content. This “staying around” sends a signal to Google to drive more traffic to that website. Therefore, this is seen as a win for those websites with long-form content.

Hence, long-form content will continue to be rewarded even in 2022.

4) E-A-T Content

Some SEO Search Engine Optimization free tips for long-form content are to comply with the Expertise-Authoritative-Trustworthy mandate. EAT principle means that the content should be of high quality and from a domain or brand with the “right” to expound on that topic.

This rule especially applies to the finance and health sectors, where the information may play a crucial role in someone’s life.

Hence, you must focus on building highly informative and trustworthy content. You should also create backlinks to high authority sites and use statistics and evidence to back up the content.

5) Mobile Optimization

87% of Internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Hence, search engines are now focused on catering to them. A website that is optimized for the mobile phone is now being indexed at a higher SERP.

Therefore, structure the website for mobile phones. Fit only the most important text on the page and check the PageSpeed insights.

In conclusion, SEO Search Engine Optimization tips for 2022 predict that keywords and meta title optimization are no longer the only essential factors. Instead, everything from voice to video metrics is changing, so stay aware of the latest SEO trends for 2022.

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