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The coronavirus pandemic changed a lot about the way our world looks and operates. Some of the effects were obvious: wearing masks in public, capacity limits on in-person shopping, being afraid of every stranger’s cough and sneeze.

But not everything became immediately obvious. Some changes took time to settle into place. One of these changes was something the media is calling, “The Great Resignation.”  Click the link: for more about this phenomenon. While issues of workplace safety and security had been present in our culture for quite some time, the pandemic made everyone intimately aware of the difference between the “haves” and the “have nots.” 

One example of this that got the nation really talking was the Tyson Food debacle. Not only were the processing plants for the popular frozen chicken brand not modified to increase safety for the line workers, but managers were actually caught placing monetary bets on which employees would get sick with coronavirus.

Tyson was hardly the only company to prove to the country that their profits were valued far above the lives of their employees. While this story was in the news, another one was building. Thousands of people who felt backed into a corner decided that it was the time to leave their corporate jobs and strike out on their own.

Perhaps you count yourself as one of those people. Maybe you took the time to turn your passion project into a business.

If so, it took a lot of work. It was probably stressful and more than a little scary. After all, there are no guarantees when you run your own business. Even if you have a good product, your business still might fail.

There could be any number of reasons for this. The most unfortunate – and the easiest to turn around – is not having a business website that maximizes your earning potential.

There are millions of websites in the world. In order to capture a potential buyer’s interest, yours needs to look professional, function well, and make sure to guarantee the sale. Instabuilder is fast becoming one of the industry’s go-to services to help create an attractive web page, but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a good alternative, we have several listed below to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started. 


Number one on our list is Clickfunnels.

Named after the popular concept of a sales funnel, this service demonstrates right from the get-go that they really know their stuff.

First, Clickfunnels promises to be one-size-fits-all. What that means is that you can construct your entire web store using this service. That means that the whole online shopping process, from your customer landing on your homepage all the way through the purchasing process, can all be designed using this one service

They offer templates for you to customize and adapt to fit your needs. If you’re not a web developer, you’ll love being ready to have your site up and running within minutes. You’ll save money by spending less of your valuable time trying to sort out the logistics of web design, and you’ll make more money by having it up and ready with a shorter development period. It’s win-win!

As a bonus, Clickfunnels is the only service on this list that is so confident in their product that they’re offering a free two week trial. Click here for more information.

Another thing that sets the service apart is their knowledge of the shopping process. These savvy developers know that some people are slow to pull the trigger on online purchases. They have cleverly designed a way to keep customers moving along towards a purchase.

With this service, you can passively collect email addresses and then the site will automatically follow up on any items abandoned in the customer’s shopping cart. Finding a way to bring the whole thing home really makes a difference. 

Brady’s Web

The second selection on our list is one that boasts of their simplicity. The service is named after Mike Brady, the loveable fictional architect from television and film.

If you’re familiar with the movies, Mike Brady takes the design he made for his family home and adjusts it to fit any situation – a gas station, a retirement home, and a gym.

This service promises to do the same. With tried-and-true templates that can be customized in a wide variety of colors, panels, and fonts, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. If you’re the type who can get lost for hours, days, or even weeks making creative decisions, this might be the service for you. 

Of course, the downside of this service is the same as its upside. If you’re looking to create eye-catching, truly original web pages that stand out from the crowd, this probably isn’t the one for you. 

As Mike Brady himself always says, “Caveat Emptor,” which means buyer beware.

POP Corn

This service is a little different than the first two, in that it focuses on creating eye-catching pop-up ads. 

Pop up ads are great at getting in your face and drawing shoppers on to the next part of the process. Whether the goal is to capture email addresses, give incentive to complete a transaction, or just prompt shoppers with free shipping codes, a pop up ad can really help seal the deal.

This is another quick-fix solution. It takes most users only a few hours from inception to implementation, which means fast results.

If you’re looking for an entire website redesign, this may not be the option for you. It focuses only on the thing it does best: pop ups.

For those who have created their own small business, a website can be their lifeblood. Online shopping is at an all-time high and only promises to continue to grow. A great website can pull in customers and clients from all over the world. But that also means that the competition is fierce. You need to do all you can to stand out from the crowd, and these three services are ready and willing to help you do that.

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