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Tools for Increasing Traffic on Ecommerce Websites

Written by goldychhabra2001

1. Increase ecommerce traffic with Instagram

Boasting nearly 800 million active monthly users Instagram is quickly turning into an ecommerce juggernaut.

70% of brands are expected to be on Instagram by the end of 2017.

The confirmation that Instagram was the place to invest for ecommerce business came in the form of their announcement that they are creating a 50 person team in New York just to focus on ecommerce features for the app.

If there was ever a time to double down on social, it’s now and it’s Instagram.

The best way to grow traffic and sales from Instagram is to grow your account.

Post regular content, 3 images a day, daily stories and weekly live content

Comment and like on competitors highly engaged followers

Follow and unfollow competitors highly engaged followers.

2. Increase Ecommerce Sales With Facebook Ads.

When it comes to getting more traffic and sales for your ecommerce store. Facebook ads platform is a great way to go.

With lower cost per clicks than their competitors Google search and display ads for most industries, Facebook ads can bring a landslide of cheap leads and sales to your site.

Here are my top tips for getting the most from your Facebook ads.

  1. Use acquisition campaigns to drive cheap traffic to content and collection pages, cookie these visitors for remarketing
  2. Use dynamic product ads to retarget visitors who visit product pages, add products to cart and don’t check out.
  3. Use carousel ads to show different products from top selling collections.
  4. Use emojis and video content to capture attention in the Facebook timeline feed.
  5. A/B test different ad placement for better ROI on campaign spends.

Finally, if you’re not experienced at Facebook and Instagram advertising, hire an expert! You’re likely to make more money than you spend and save on lost revenues from running under optimized campaigns.

3. Increase Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store With SEO

When it comes to SEO the most important thing is backlinks.
The backlinks you have give your domain a score out of 100 called your Domain Rank.
The domain rank determines where you come in Google search results for specific keywords and how much organic traffic you get to your site.
But to get backlinks and rank highly in Google you need to cover more than just backlink building.
Check out how tools can help with SEO here.
Read more about my top Shopify SEO Tips here.
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4.Get More Sales From Your Ecommerce Leads & Customers With Email Marketing.

5.Increase Your Ecommerce Traffic & Sales With Competitions & Giveaways.

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