Tips on Keeping the Crystal Glass of Your Watch Clean

Watches are just like jewelry. If proper care is not taken, they will lose their shine and might be very disappointing to look at, making you lose interest in wearing them again.

Hence, professionals always advise taking the jewels to a quick jewelry cleaning service to ensure it retains its shine and taking them to one-day jewelry resizing store in case of any resizing.

How to Find a Reputable Jewelry Repair?

To know more about the jewelry store, you can search for a jewelry repair store near me, and Google will show you the best results in your vicinity. You can also take them to a same-day jewelry repair and get them repaired quickly.

To repair the watches, you can take them to professional watch repairers, and they will repair any problems you have with the watch.

This article is solely for people who want to keep their glasses clean by cleaning them at home.

Crystal Glasses Need Extra Care

Expensive watches have their crystals made from expensive items such as sapphire or tempered mineral glass. These crystals are not like regular glass and need extra care.

Since some of these crystals are scratch-resistant, not every glass is scratch-proof. If you have encountered any damage to the glass, then it is always advised to get it changed by expert watch repairers before it starts affecting the watch’s look.

Keeping the watch away from pointy items such as keys, coins, and tools is always advised to prevent it from breaking or scratching. While storing, store them in their original box if you’re not planning to use them for long.

How to Keep the Glass Clean?

Following are the steps that will help you keep your glass clean and keep them in good shape.

1- Choose a Right Polish

You can use any watch crystal polish on mineral glass. These polishes are available in all leading and watch stores.

2- Apply Very Little Polish

Once you’ve brought the polish, the next step is applying very little polish on the glass. If you apply more, the polish will take time to clean, and that much polish is wasted. Depending on your glass size, apply pea-sized polish.

3- Use a Soft Cloth to Buff the Glass

Once you’ve applied the polish, the next step is to buff it on the glass. To do this, use a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth. Be careful not to use any other cloth, as it will leave marks and scratches on the glass.

4- Rub Them in a Circular Motion

While applying, rub the glass in a circular motion. This will spread the polish to all the areas and would be easy to wipe off.

5- Clean the Polish

After applying, clean the polish with the help of a soft cloth. Some leave it for a minute or two. Do not leave it as the polish will settle, and the glass will become hazy. If it has bigger scratches, then get it replaced by a professional.

Wrapping Up

These were some tips on how to keep your glass clean. If the problem doesn’t get solved, it would be a wise move to approach professional jewelry repairers to take a look at the issue.

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