Tips for buying the right fitted women’s clothes & accessories online

Virtual shopping has many benefits as compared to going physically to your local mall and buy stuff. When online shopping, you can just sit at your favourite comfort spot with a drink, in your loungewear and browse through various sites. Where retail shopping takes a lot more time where you have to go to every store and see what they have to offer; virtually you can check multiple stores in a shorter period and compare products from different brands.

If you are checking your usual go-to stores online, you are well aware of their styles and sizes, shopping isn’t a big task. But when you see something you like at a new store that you have never tried before, it certainly becomes quite a task at hand. You don’t know their fit, sizes, and how it would look on you. To overcome this obstacle, we provide you some tips in this article that will help you get the right fit for yourself. To find out more, keep on reading.

Give a Look at the Return Policies

Scrolling through products and placing an order impulsively is pretty easy but it might create a problem later when the garment does not fit you right. In this case, you will have to return it and for that the policies the brand offer should be feasible. Many brands offer amazing return policies but others have complicated processes requiring lengthy documentation.

Before ordering anything online, make sure you are well aware of the return policies offered by the brand. Look for free returns, no-questions-asked ones, and policies that don’t have long documentation processes. Also, check if an exchange is possible and in how many days the return option is valid for which are all mentioned on the website.

Consult the Size Charts

After checking the return policies, head over to the size chart that is usually available on the product display page. Check your measurements with the sizes provide and pick the right one for yourself. Often you might find your measurements in between two, in this case, opt for the larger size as garments also shrink after the wash.

When planning on buying from a single brand only, then it isn’t complicated. But if you are at an online retail store that sells multiple brands, you will have to go through every women’s clothing size chart to compare sizes to be able to make the right decision. Several online stores have measurements available in international sizes as the clothing might be manufactured internationally. For this, refer to a women’s clothing size conversion chart and in no time you’ll be able to sort the issue.

Know your Measurements

This isn’t news that size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and if online stores are our only source for shopping during the pandemic then we better be cautious than regretting it later. Also, women do not have a similar size throughout the year. They tend to lose and gain weight quite often.

To deal with such issues, know your exact measurements before ordering clothes and accessories online. If you have recently taken measurements, let’s say about a week ago, then you’re good to go. In case it’s been longer than a month, we suggest you take your measurements again. Compare them with the measurements provided with the product you are interested in and proceed accordingly. Different styles have their distinct charts, for example, if you are looking at dresses consult a dress size chart, for tops and t-shirts, there would be a separate chart available.

 Don’t Forget the Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most crucial elements to consider when shopping online. If you are buying from a brand that you have purchased from before, you know their quality, fit and how would they appear after multiple wearing and washes. When trying a new brand, you are unaware of how it would turn out. Would the colors be the same? Would it shrink much after the wash? Is the fit true to size?

The solution to this is to check the customer reviews. They will tell you how the fit is if it is the same as told or you would have to order a size smaller or bigger. You’ll know if the said article is worth the purchase or not. After all of this if you decide to buy the item and it turns out not to be of your liking you can always return it but make sure the return policies are amicable.

Bottom Line

We hope the tips mentioned above prove to be useful to you when you go on an online shopping spree. The right of the clothes not only make you look good but have an immense effect on how you feel about yourself. It boosts confidence and raises your self-esteem as well. So don’t take the fit of your clothes lightly, when they will look the way you want, eventually, you’ll shine.



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