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Are you moving to Australia for a short period? Are you planning to start afresh somewhere in Australia? Are you downsizing, in order to accommodate your empty nest syndrome? Whatever the reason might be for this drastic decision, we hold the answers to your questions and decisions.

The solution to all that you can wonder is, buying tiny homes in Australia. It is essentially – the DIY tiny home that fits just about anywhere. 

Why should you be opting for this new and trendy option, you may ask? 

Here are a few reasons why: 

  1. It lies on the rocks of solid foundation – the heavy duty, long term reliable steel framework that upholds the whole structure. It is durable, heavy-duty yet classy and simple. This makes it the perfect minimal statement that you need to mark yourselves different than those in your neighborhood.
  2. Building Time: Usually, when you build a home for yourselves, you are required to plan well ahead of your schedule, seeing that all components work well and together to form the structure. With Tinyblox, building tiny, economical, eco-friendly, small homes for sale in Australia is hasslefree and requires only two days to assemble the entire home. 
  3. It is self-contained: The fear of running out of amenities and facilities is a genuine concern that most moving into a tiny home have but tinyblox is exceptional at recognizing this fear and tackling it. It is a self contained accommodation that has the provision to have built inn facilities so that nobody with a tiny home need to rely on another person outside of the containment to share their private space. 

Making these 3 the core which tinyblox stands on, it is easily functional to abide in a tiny home  in any part of Australia such as Brisbane and the likes. 

No, it is not just a pre-made set of blocks. There is so much room for customization. Your tiny cabin has: 

  • multiple design options, 
  • ability to choose cladding, 
  • determine your roof and window colours. 
  • Choosing our own concrete or flooring systems. 
  • With the added ability to avail add on facilities like kitchens, eco-friendly washrooms, showers, hot water system and even air conditioning.

What’s even more pressing is that you could choose between the option to build it yourself with your bare hands or even hire a pro to do it instead.

There is literally nothing that beats quality when it comes to comfort, colour schemes and even insulation to survive both extremes of the weather in Australia. There is also the added comfort of realising that there is no need to purchase anything externally.

It comes with all the components required to complete the structure. From EPS roof & ceilings, prefab steel frames to fixings, bracings, cappings, fascias and gutters. From glass sliding doors, wall & ceiling lightings to vinyl plank floors. 

Every step of the way, we’re right there to aide you. From the technicality of the functioning to even getting you the perfect help to build your dream tiny home located anywhere in Australia. 

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