This Is the Dog Breed That’s Most Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign Compatibility with Dog Breeds

Dogs are unique creatures, created as if to only show loyalty and love to their human masters, whom they consider their dear companions. Here too, zodiac compatibility can count in making some dog breeds enjoy exceptionally high zodiac sign compatibility levels with their human companions.

Here, let us briefly learn about the best possible zodiac compatibility that people of different signs can have with various dog breeds.

Here, let us briefly learn about the best possible zodiac compatibility that people of different signs can have with various dog breeds.

Aries – German Shepherd

Aries, the first zodiac sign ruled by the fiery Mars, denotes high energy and courage. But these born leaders can also be impulsive and aggressive. There are a few dog breeds that can match such Aries characteristic traits, and the German Shepherd can perhaps be the top among those!

Taurus – Boxer

It is Venus, the planet signifying beauty, love, fine arts, etc., that rules Taurus, and that can be said to make these people imaginative, artistic, reliable, stable, and loyal. While a dog can be nothing if not loyal, the Boxer breed can also add royalty and calmness to this noble trait. So, on compatibility, it should be Boxer for Taurus!

Gemini – Bichon Frise

The Mercury-ruled Gemini is a flamboyant sign. Intelligent, articulate, and often multi-skilled, these people remain high-spirited, bundles of energy. Any active and energetic dog breeds can be ‘made for them,’ so Bichon Frise could be the ideal one for the Geminis!

Cancer – Rottweiler

Cancer is ruled by the ever waxing and waning Moon, and so, these kind-hearted and sensitive people, too, could be temperamental. They may also be family-oriented, protective, and very conscious about security in life. Rottweiler is an excellent guard dog who can also be sweet and loving, in spite of the unfair reputation it carries. So, no doubt that the Cancer-born can forge a close partnership with Rottweiler!

Leo – Pug

Leo is a royal sign. Ruled by the mighty Sun, they are strong, respectable, broad-minded, and generous. So, to be compatible with such commanding personalities, the dogs, too, must be active, bright, and charming. While there can be quite a few breeds that can fit the bill, the Pug should rightly take the top honors in this respect. These are fun-loving creatures that can jell with happy and outgoing personalities; hence, it could be Pug for the Leos & vice versa!

Virgo – Pointer           

The Mercury-ruled Virgo is a no-nonsense sign whose natives are analytical, determined, sensitive, and talented. Pointer is one of the dog breeds that can be said to reflect many of the Virgo values; So, Virgos can readily accept and adopt Pointer as their suitable four-legged companion!

Libra – Newfoundland

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, Libra remains a sign of great aesthetic sense. The Librans are also gentle souls who love peace and harmony and seek justice and balance in life. Any warm and loveable being can appeal strongly, both to their heart and mind, and become their dear companion. Newfoundland is a dog breed that can be very sweet and highly devoted. So both Libra and Newfoundland can take to one another as a duck takes to water!

Scorpio – Pitbull

The Scorpios can be termed the very personifications of intensity. Powered by the warrior planet Mars, these people could be strong, committed, determined, and highly passionate. So, for enjoying any form of compatibility with such bold characters, it has to be a strong dog breed. So, here comes Pitbull, which could really be intimidating and also be equally loving. Hence Pitbull could be the one meant for Scorpio!

Sagittarius – Russell Terrier

Sagittarius is a freedom-loving sign governed by the benefic Jupiter. Honest and philosophical, its natives can be inherent adventurers and incorrigible optimists who are extremely fond of traveling. For any dog breed to become compatible with them, that has to be equally outgoing and adaptable to different situations. Russell Terrier might actually love to enjoy adventures in the Sagittarian company and hence could remain the ideal four-legged partner to them!

Capricorn –  Shiba Inu

The Saturn-ruled Capricorns are loyal, responsible, talented, but cautious. But, on the other hand, they might also be highly ambitious and ready to spare no effort to get what they want in life and be reserved and disciplined, too. So, the breed has to be calm and as quiet as possible to earn their favor. And Shiba Inu, with such matching characteristics, can be the dog breed for them!

Aquarius – Labrador Retriever

Aquarius can be called a unique sign. Governed by Saturn, these natives might be imaginative, innovative, scientific, and humanitarian to the core. The long-haired Labrador Retriever could be one of the dogs that may enjoy a comfortable companionship with the Aquarians and thus be called their most compatible breed!

Pisces – St. Bernard

Soft and smooth, the Pisces-born might be extremely sensitive, flexible, and philosophical. These loveable souls also love to be loved back. St. Bernard is an affectionate dog breed and can quickly become the object of the Piscean love and care. So, as long as love and affection are there in the world, the Pisces – St. Bernard bond might also thrive on earth!

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