Things You Should Include in Your Medical School Personal Statement

Medical School Consultants are here to help you with your medical school personal statement! 

Having many ideas can make it challenging to write a medical school personal statement as you are unsure of what should be included in your narrative. Not all ideas can be appropriate for your application. There is no single, standard formula for crafting a medical school personal statement. For this, you can take the help of a med school application consultant

You can choose one from a variety of approaches or let a medical school counselor suggest one. However, you must include the following four key components to write a compelling personal statement. 

  1. Personal Narrative 
  2. Patient-Care Experiences
  3. Reasons for Pursuing
  4. Strengths 

Personal Narrative 

Give your personal statement a personal touch. You can include your academic achievements, experiences in hospitals, research work, or service to the community. You can make your essay stand out by including some other passion. For example, you can write about your upbringing or key life events. Think about these questions and include responses allowing the reader to get connected on a human level.

Patient-Care Experiences 

A personal statement should include involvement in clinical care. It can be as a medical assistant or volunteer. This is what all applicants do. However, to make your application stand out, your personal statement should reflect what that experience meant for you. How those experiences helped you? In addition to those experiences, also describe the insights you gained about this profession. This is an opportunity to show that you understand the career you are choosing. 

Reasons For Pursuing       

While reading your personal statement, admissions committees look for direct and clear reasons for pursuing a career in medicine. So, make sure that your personal statement is expressing why you want to pursue medicine. You can summarize your clinical experiences. Try to state the reason in one sentence. You can describe how you observed a variety of procedures.

Your Strengths

The admission committee wants to know about the strengths you can bring to the education and this profession. Write about the positive attributes you possess and also show how you have acquired them. You can make your essay more convincing by stating how you have learned to be a team player by taking part in various team-based activities. 

In case you need medical school personal statement help, take advantage of medical school consulting.  Together with the help of  Medical School Admission Advisors, you can build a strong portfolio that will help you clear your interview process and application rounds. 

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