Things to Consider Prior Hiring Chef for Your Vacation

If you are wealthy and you wish to desire ultimate luxury, while going on a holiday, to say, your favourite place, such as Mexico, Hawai, Spain, what better way, than to have your personal chef. The good news, is that, while it seems, to be unattainable and abnormally expensive, having a personal cook, is basically influenced, by a great deal, on the place, where you are going, and how you wish to spend your time. There have been many instances, where people enjoyed the services, of a personal cook and also the vacation was quite affordable.

You must be wondering, as to whether, it is really worth it. Before hiring, you must always take into account, several important questions, like how many people, your style, the expectations, respectively. Since, having a personal chef, involves heavy expenses, consequently, you must understand each other’s requirements and expectations. Now, let us list out all the steps, which will enable you to hire a trained private chef for your holiday.

  • Searching your chef

Searching your ideal chef or cook, is perhaps, the most important step. On holiday, if you are staying in a mansion or a villa, the property managers, will recommend some important places to you. You should select the chefs carefully, depending, on whose style suits you. For example, you might like some cook who, cooks’ dinner early, or lunch late in the day.

  • Payment Terms should be clear

Payment terms looks to be an extremely trivial issue, buy, in reality, you must take it extremely seriously, otherwise, the deal might break down. Different cooks, operate in different ways, and you must carefully, understand, the deal, which you are getting into, to have a happy ending. For example, do you need to pay per hour, or per individual? Some cooks charge a fixed amount, for a fixed number of individuals, and extra charges, for per head, after that. You must be absolutely clear, as to how the cooks operate on this front.

The interesting thing, to note, that for many chefs, the fees mentioned in quotation, doesn’t consist of the cost of food. You have to give the cook, extra cash for shopping. They must provide the receipts and the change. Does, the cost consist of the service charges? Some cooks, also, include a fee of 10 to 15 percent, extra, on the top the final bill, as a compulsory service charge. Regarding service, some cooks quote a wholesome price, consisting of both server and a chef, while others charge an additional fee for clean-up and service.

In certain circumstances, some chefs also bring their sommeliers or bartenders, for making cocktails or making a wine pairing with the other. The location of your holiday, also is a big factor, in influencing the cost of hiring your favourite chef.

  • Always communicate your exact requirements

Cooks work with a large variety of dinners, with different tastes, ideas about diet and restrictions on diet. You must always interact with the chef very openly, and tell them, what you require. For example, the dinner might vary, from person to person. One person might order one course, while others might order three courses. Always, check whether, the cooks have any special skills, like making spicy food, bland food, nutritious meals etc.


If you are having pre-existing conditions, then you must ask the cook, to prepare special meals, for you, even, while going on a vacation.  If you are hiring a chef for the whole week, or for a single meal, then you must interact with the cook, regarding advance stocking your kitchen in advance, for making various kinds of meals and making a list.








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