The New Paradigm of Online Maternity Clothes in India

With e-commerce taking a dominant hand in today’s contemporary world, the fashion industry has been evolving gradually. For the instant convenience of the consumers and the pleasure of shopping without hustling to different places online shopping has become the new mantra and go to. From new trending clothes to affordable shopping, the preferred medium has dynamically shifted from offline to online shopping.

Whenever, the paradigm of online shopping is discussed the general notions of men, women, and children’s clothing items are taken into consideration. However, it is often seen maternity clothes for women take a slight backhand in this process. The question at hand is, with India being the second-most populous country where birth rates have been increasing drastically, how well the online shopping sites are handling this particular section. In this article, we are going to brief about maternity wear online India. We will try to keep our focus on the quality of the clothing items, the availability of the items, the fashion trends, and the price of maternity clothes.

Websites which are Redefining the Notions of Maternity Clothing Wear in India

There has been a significant rise in the number of e expectant mothers which has, in turn, resulted in a high rise in the growth of this particular sector which was severely neglected before the 2010s. Reports claim that India estimates approximately Rs 2000 crore towards maternity clothing and is expanding at a rate of 15 – 17% per year.

The Mom Store is a website founded by Surbhi Bhatia, a Bengaluru-based owner who has been working Instantaneously towards the growth of the maternity clothing sector since 2008. The online stores indulge themselves into providing trending and highly comfortable maternity dresses, gowns, nightwears, types of denim, tops, nursing covers, and also baby products. With 12 major sections which have been introduced specifically for maternity clothing items, the website tries to cater to the needs of the expected mothers.

Gurugram based company Momzjoy founded by Kriti Baveja and Divya Gupta in 2015 has been working dedicatedly towards the growth of maternity clothing wares in India. The company tries to introduce clothing items that are not only highly fashionable but are also functional in nature with comfort being the topmost concern. The company brings about a variety of different clothing options from the expectant mothers as well as the breastfeeding mothers. The company not only looks after the easy accessibility of the clothes but also with a broader perspective ensures the sustainability of each clothing item and has gained substantial success since its period of launch with over 25000 trusted customer reviews.

There are several other websites that deal with maternity clothing in India namely Clovia, BabyChakra, and Mystere Paris have also significantly contributed towards this dimension. Maternity clothing items are also available on popular websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

Maternity Clothing Items Available Online In India 

The pattern of maternal clothing items has changed substantially with the changing perception and attitude of the expectant mothers. When it comes to maternity clothing, the websites dealing especially with this dimension try to focus their attention on the comfort, availability of different sizes, and the functionality of the clothing.

Contemporary websites in India, understands the varied utilization of maternity clothing items and therefore, in order to suffice the needs of the expectant mothers have introduced several sections within this paradigm trying to cater to the needs. Indian websites have successfully launched several maternity clothing wares such as kurtas, night time lingeries, gowns, party wear, maternity swimwears, maternity bottoms, hospital gowns, casual tops, homeware and a variety of different items. The fabrics which are used are taken into matter of prior importance to ensure the comfortability of the expectant mothers. From feeding bras to stretchable panties, under garments have also been given keen importance. Therefore, soft and breathable fabrics have been greatly emphasised by the websites who are dealing with maternity clothing.


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