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The ‘Must-haves’ in the digital media and the do-or-die business of Algorithms

Written by prasoondm

The world of organizing and conducting business in the digital world is changing with a rapid pace, the corollary of it – the dynamics and methods deployed by the brand managers and business owners to sustain and grow business in tandem is also fast changing. The constant change in the digital media and the use of technology has further revolutionized the entire communication spectrum; the change padded with technology has created many challenges for businesses and brand owners.

The universal formula of ‘The change being a constant’ is applicable aptly in the digital media; the change should be embraced by the businesses since the digital communication and strategy need to be constantly relevant. There is no luxury of choice for businesses; to embrace change is the only path left. What needs to be done in which way is the question haunting for the business owners and brand custodians – the change need to happen on the website.

What needs to be done:-                                          

While there are many ‘musts’ and ‘haves’ for a website – Most significantly -You ‘must have’ a compelling design and relevant information on the website – the design need to aesthetically executed and the design must be contemporary with respect to its category. You ‘must have’ brief information on the products and services – the content must be contextual and relevant to the category. The other most significant aspect is, the content and the titles need to be in sync with the common and natural key words to setup a symmetry which eventually would drive traffic to the website – thus Digi-powering the business. The Digi-powerization is the most significant aspect of every business through the website, with billions of sites present in the galaxy of internet, getting relevant people to know about the business – its products and services is the key to sustaining and growing the business in the digital media.

How it needs to be done – Part-1:-

The how factor is totally reliant on the universe of ‘words ‘that the business chooses- while there are the ‘common’ words, the ‘most common’ words, the ‘natural’ words, the ‘most natural’ words, the ‘best’ words, the ‘most suitable words’ so on and so forth – the juggernaut of thoughts keep flowing while you think about the optimization of the site, technically the digital world calls it ‘SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

Eventually, the juggernaut needs to stop at some point and take shape into fruition – which happens to be the strategy of ‘Algorithms’ or the science of ‘Algorithms’ to be further precise.

How it needs to be done – Part-2:-                                       

Like how a concrete building has a solid foundation, similarly in the digital media, we have to lay a solid foundation in the form of a compelling and relevant website, which happens to be the part-1 or phase -1 of the strategy / story.

The part-2 happens to be more dramatic and climax oriented as you likely witness in the movies – dramatic and climax oriented communications in the form of digital banners, blogs, articles and a host of other activities need to done as an effective SEM strategy, this process digi-powerizing the business would well-sustain the business in the digital media.

The ‘MAK Mantra’ – A deadly combination of SEO and SEM.

The Mak Web Mantra is to simplify the entire process of the SEO and SEM; we deploy the most effective optimization process for businesses by thoroughly understanding their products, services and their respective objectives yielding the desired results. The search engine optimization process is analyzed periodically by carefully observing the content and context of the process vis-a-vis the target audience. This process enables us to direct the content towards the right target and context.

The SEM in the form of digital banners, blogs, articles and a host of other activities developed basis a thorough understanding about the target group and the category would well-support the SEO thus digi-powerizing the business. The deadly combination of SEO and SEM is a ‘Must-have’ for every business.

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