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Existus excels in SEO and helps companies to increase their websites awareness. Existus does this through making some changes in the way their websites are structured and worded. In certain cases, Existus revamps the website to ensure that their website scores highly in online search engines. In order to achieve this, Existus makes a great effort in understanding what the client does, especially in their respective field or industry.

Existus invests much time to recognize that website configurations play a part to produce successful results to its clients. To create successful content for SEO, they cannot be outdated. Content must be constantly up to date as the online search engines are found to be more intolerant against poor content. Existus provides a successful writing team that has the ability to generate unique, successful, high quality text which has proven to be SEO friendly content.

These content are uploaded to its client website in a hassle free way. Existus not only does a great job in chunking high quality content, it also make sure such content are transferred to the website in a way that is optimized for traffic to be directed there. Although building links is not the most useful contributing factor in SEO, Existus still allocate much effort to create links that are genuine and highly relevant to the website.

Existus establish a link network gradually with this approach in mind. This is because most of the online search engines are strongly influenced by links from their implemented algorithms. These online search engines calculate the ratings of a website from the amount of linked pages. The ratings of the linked pages also matters. However, other factors such whether the sites are trusted or contain spams play a huge proportion towards the calculation.

Highly rated websites can become stale. When the websites become less popular or stale, they also will not get new links anymore. Such additional new links are very important so that the website can stay relevant and continue to earn high ratings. Existus employs additional steps during presales to see what the competitors of its clients are doing.

By comparing clients’ strengths and weaknesses with their competitors, it helps to enhance the effectiveness to become better than or at least be as competitive as their competitors. For most packages that Existus are offering, Google Analytics installation is bundled together. This Google Analytics tool monitors traffic of users visiting the websites and aids in the visualization of their usage patterns or buying habits.

Existus provides reports once every two weeks which shows the ranking statistics. It employs staffs who have been trained in SEO to go through these statistics and advise clients accordingly. Its clients have complete access to the Google Analytics tool and other Webmaster tools. The Client Panel shows the rankings which are updated once a day. Statistics for Adwords are available for clients who have purchased this service where they are able to search, see and download invoices anytime.

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