The Different Types of Concentrates You Can Mix Up With Your Wax Liquidizer

So you want to try your hand at making e-liquid and need a few tips to get you started. It is fairly easy and there are several kits available to help even the novice make the stuff. There are plenty of sites that show you how to do it as well as have lots of recipes that you can try.

Steps on How to Begin Mixing Wax Liquidizer

To begin mixing the wax liquidizer, you will need a cup and a half of the stuff or your preferred blend. Take one gram of your favorite blend or wax and add two ml of Wax Liquidizer to a cup and stir until combined. Heat the bowl to just above boiling and stir constantly. The process for turning wax into liquid is quite fast and simple, just take 1 gram of wax or whatever your favorite blend and add two ml of Wax Liquidizer dissolve in a cup and mix in. The heat can be varied and not always necessary.

This is a great way to alter your flavor, aroma, and even texture. With this little addition you can change the whole feel of your mixture. So, if you wanted to munch on something different you could just simply add in Wax Liquidizer instead of using your munching fork or knife. If you don’t like the taste of something and you are going to make something different, then mixing the wax liquidizer with your juice will add a whole new dimension to it. The same goes for if you are looking for something stronger than your typical sweet flavor. Just add in wax liquor and you’re getting a powerful punch of flavor.

The Use of Pyrilamine on Wax Liquidizer

Some people use Wax Liquidizer as a way to get a more potent and long lasting drag. With a regular pen, you can easily whip up a dab of whatever you want by simply dipping it into the bottle that comes with it. But with the proprietary blend there is an active ingredient known as Pysilamine which creates an extremely long lasting drag and one that you won’t experience anywhere else. To use Pyrilamine simply take the cap off and fill your glass half-way full with your favorite e-liquid, stir, and then place the cap back on. Now you’re ready to get down and roll!

There is another way to get your very own personal dose of Liquidizer for Concentrates without having to make or buy from a store. Since a lot of the ingredients used to make popular vapor mixes can be purchased online for a cheaper price than in most brick and mortar shops, it makes sense to try to save money where possible. This includes prices for items such as ingredients and equipment. By ordering your wax liquidizer online, you can get the highest quality proprietary blend at the cheapest prices. It also means you can get several bottles of mix for the same price as buying one single bottle of the highest quality product.

Aside from the two major flavors listed above, there are plenty of other “why should I buy this” reasons why you might choose to buy a liquidizer over a typical vaporizer. Some people like to dab flavors into their glass before rolling it over. Others prefer to use a premade blend that comes in jars or tins. And then there are those who like to experiment with new flavors and recipes. Whatever the reason is, all of these different choices are very popular among vapers.

The main advantage to mixing your own wax is that you can determine the strength you want your mix to be. When using store bought mixes, it can sometimes be difficult to get just the right consistency for you. If you are using a strong liquid such as Red Vines, it is hard to get the consistency to be weak enough to pour into the bottle without shattering. When using a premade blend, the only way to determine how much of the liquid to use is by mixing it up and seeing how it goes. With liquidators, all you have to do is take it out of the package and put it into the container.

If you want to change up your flavors a little bit, you can also mix up your original wax liquidizer to include other types of concentrates. Caramel, vanilla, almond, and coconut all make great flavors for waxes. One thing to keep in mind when making flavored concentrates is that the concentration will play a large role in how strong the flavor will be. If you are looking for a more subtle taste, you will want a lower concentration of the flavoring compound than if you are looking for a strong, dominant taste. Once you find the perfect flavor combination for your original liquidizer, you may want to move on to other types of concentrates.

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