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Today’s children are well versed in high-tech toys and gadgets, especially computers, cell phones, and video games. As a ‘kids’ movie teacher, you can give them a perfect platform like moviesflix where their technical skills can shine. If you would like to teach children to make movies with a class you hold in your department of entertainment, an after-school program, a girls’ club, or in your elementary school class, here are a few tips that can help you become a Director of Movies.

1. First Class:

Know your “characters” – what their skills and abilities are. Find out who knows the video cameras, video editing, modeling, makeup, costumes. If you have special talents such as singing, playing a musical instrument, be aware that these can be included in your movie. By watching and learning about your readers, you can stream your movie more effectively.

2. Second Class

Teach them to make a basic movie on the moviesflix as important as the quietness of the set (so that no background noise is heard during the recording). When shooting in a scene, do not look at the camera – look at the person you are talking to. Don’t worry if you walk down the aisle – that’s why we have “bloopers” at the end of our movie!

3. Third Class:

Announce the text of the film you will produce. Tell them the story of the film as if you were a narrator. Complete by imitating the movie the way you describe it. Announce who is playing what role. Scroll through the text and do a “reading over” as the characters read the entire script aloud. Perform repetition of complex scenes. Provide students with the materials and equipment they will need to bring to the movie flix set. Lastly, check out the locations of your movie – where each scene will be filmed.

4. Forth Class:

Shooting Day! Examine all the items on stage and costumes to make sure you have everything you need. Assign one reader to be the Script Director. This person should stick himself or herself close to you so that you can feed each line to each character on moviesflix. If you are not a camera operator, make sure this person has extensive knowledge of camera performance. You want to make sure they know where the REC button is! Apply make-up, decorate sets, dress up, open the script, turn on the camera, and you’re ready to shoot your first scene.

5. Movie Premier:

Once the movie is set with all the special effects, credits, and music, you are ready to roll the red carpet for the big event. Host the Premier at the local library, school hall, or one of the actors of movieflix at home. Make sure that wherever the Prime Minister takes place, the sound system is acceptable. Once the audience has joined the popcorn and drinks, give a short presentation that introduces your characters and gives a brief overview of the movie. After the Prime Minister, the actors must answer questions from the audience.

6. Sixth Class:

The next two to three classes will be shooting days similar to the third class. Kids may miss their math and science teachers, but having DVDs in their movies will make sure they never forget their experience with you as their Movie Director. And since making a movie builds self-esteem, team-oriented, and cleverness, even the most technically immersed readers will be able to express themselves in a film script that kids can make.


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