Surprise Your Smoker Friend with a Smoking Gift Box: Here’s How

When you have a smoker friend whose birthday is coming up, and you want to get them something extraordinary, try something creative and accessible. You can send your friend a stoner gift box. A good gift box will contain everything they could ever need when it comes to cannabis.

Your friends are obviously experts in picking up on your signals and getting hints, so it can be difficult to surprise them if they even slightly suspect that something is cooking. If you want to start a wonderful tradition, follow these simple steps.

Purchase a Large-Sized Gift Box

You can fill a sizable smoking-themed box with all kinds of paraphernalia from a store. There’s no end to how much you can stuff into one of these large boxes, and it will make an exciting gift for any smoker because they get joy out of owning something new, different, and valuable. 

The gift box itself doesn’t have to be expensive. Bigger doesn’t mean a heavy price tag. Just pick an appropriately sized wooden or paper container and fill it with exciting smoking products that fit your friend’s tastes.

Include Interesting Smoking Products Inside The Box

The best part about smoking gift boxes is that you can cram in anything related to smoking. Include rolling papers, pipes, water pipes, bongs, pre-rolled joints, tobacco accessories, etc. The sky’s the limit when personalizing your friend’s stoner gift box.

Get Them a Vaporizer for Bongs

If your stoner friend is a bong lover, then it’s time to surprise them. Getting them their favorite bong can be easy and affordable, especially if you know what kind of bong they’re in love with. 

Bongs, or water pipes, are smoking devices that filter and cool smoke through water. The first type of bong consists of two tubes joined by either a hinge or a T connector. There are fixed models that can stand on their own or collapsible bongs that easily fit into backpacks.

Pick Up Some Rolling Papers 

Rolling papers are used for hand-rolled joints, also known as spliffs. Rolling papers make an excellent gift because they’re low cost and don’t take up much space. Consider picking up some fun rolling trays as well. 

A few packs of papers and trays are all you need in your stoner gift box—paired with a simple card or note saying something, like ‘Roll it how you want it!’ should be enough for most people who smoke.

 Some More Ways to Surprise Your Stoner Friend

  • Wrap one of their bongs in paper and tie some ribbon around it.
  • Another way is to take any glass dish from around the home and fill it with weed/joints/pipes or anything else they would like as a smoking gift box.
  • You could also place a doobie inside a book or magazine, anything small enough to fit inside.

Final Lines

When it comes to buying a smoking gift box for your friends, you can never go wrong. Even if it’s not their birthday or an anniversary, give them something that will make them smile and think of you.

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