Step-By-Step Guide to Recruitment Cycle

Written by galaxy123

Recruitment plays a crucial role in managing the workforce in any company. But it also has its concise working methodology or framework. A process in which recruitment revolves is known as the recruitment cycle.  Begin with the candidate management it includes other three steps of client acquisition, client strategy and attracting the candidates for the jobs. The whole process iterates hence it is essential to know where you must start and following every stage correctly will make you a top placement consultancy in Lucknow.


As a requirement agency you must update the candidates about the latest jobs answers their queries by various means like phone, email, or by conducting workshops and interviews. All these things come under the process of candidate management.


A placement consultant is incomplete without its clients, i.e. that both candidates and the companies. Hence it is better to understand the requirements of both. As candidate management takes care of candidate’s necessities, client acquisition involves the companies you can recruit. It includes market research about the competitors to give better service than them. Business development with startups as they have the urgent requirement of the workforce. Sending your business proposals to those who enquire you and take regular feeds from them.


At this stage, you must understand the client’s requirement. Try to catch with his needs of the candidate, the key skills he is looking for, what will be the job role and what salary package he can offer the candidate. You must take a step further by client’s strategy as it will also help you emerge as the best job consultancy in Lucknow.


It is a crucial step in recruitment cycle as it also will add value to your placement consultancy. Attracting the best candidates with all the required skills that your clients want will make you their first choice regarding the workforce completion assistance. This includes building your network across various recruitment tracking system, select the best CVs from the latest applicants, inviting them for the interviews with the attractive offer that the job role may provide them.


After learning everything about the recruitment cycle, you must know the first step of your course of action. According to many expert recruiters, it depends upon various factors like the volume of candidates you have, and information shared by the company. We recommend you to start either from candidate management in case you have companies to recruit or from the client acquisition if you have a network of candidates.

These are some essential points of recruitment cycle that you must follow while providing placement services in Lucknow.

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