Some of the most delicious Thai dishes

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Today Thailand has become one of the famous tourist destinations. It is not only a great hub of shopping but also has an active gastronomy sector. Today it has become one of the flourishing countries in the world. Thai food has become famous among the masses. Thai cuisines have got a thumbs up and positive reviews from people all over the world.

The very thought of Thailand brings view of exotic beaches, an amazing culture, rich history and friendly people in mind. Apart from all this it is also famous for mouth watering Thai food. It unifies various flavours and colours. The food is rich in taste and made from various spices using unique ingredients available exclusively in Thailand.

Thailand visit is considered incomplete without trying these dishes. Some of the leading thai dishes are

  • Tom Yum Gung

It is a very delicious food made from the combination of tomatoes, shrimp, mushrooms, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. It is a tasty, delicious master piece only Thai people can cook. You get all the tastes sour, salty, spicy and sweet in one dish itself.

  • Gang Som Pak Ruam

The dishes of Thailand are not only tasty but healthy also. There is hardly any junk food found here. Gang Som Pak Ruam is made from carrots, cabbage and beans. On the other hand it can also be made with Thai acacia leaves and deep fried omelette. Otherwise acacia leaves considered giraffe food here is used for dish preparation.

  • Gang Keow Wan

This Thai soup is made from green curry, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, green curry paste, chicken and some other roots and herbs. It can be taken along with rice bowl.

  • Panang Gai

This is a very famous dish of Thailand. It is made from red curry, fried chicken and cocnut cream. It comes out to be very tasty and delicious. The taste can be increased by sprinkling finely chopped kaffir lime leaves on the top. This can also be made at home by searching thai food recipes in hindi online.

  • Gang Massaman

This sauce comes from Southern Thailand. It is made from curry paste, nutmeg, cinnamon, flavoured peanuts and coconut milk. And the final touch is given by dipping fried chicken chunks in the curry.

  • Fried rice

Most of the Thai dishes are eaten with rice. Usually the Thai people prefer white rice. But in most of the Thai restaurants variety of flavoured rice is also served. Thai rice tastes a bit different from the normal fried rice which is easily available in any normal Chinese restaurants. Pineapple fried rice has become very popular in and around Thailand. The sweet flavour of the rice goes well with many Thai dishes. Fried rice can either be taken alone or combined with any other Thai dish to get out of the box experience.

Thai food can also be prepared at home. You can check out thai food hindi recipes and get that Thai restaurant experience at home.

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