Skills that You Can Learn from Catholic Boarding Schools UK

Boarding schools in general promote more than just academic knowledge. The end goal for these institutions is always a holistic learning experience where the educational process focuses on rigorous academics and at the same time on nurturing the student’s mind, body, and spirit. This is what catholic boarding schools are all about. They provide students with great opportunities not only to expand knowledge, but even more importantly to learn how to be a part of a community, explore their own passions, discover their sense of self, and strengthen their faith in God below are only some of the life skills that students take away from their catholic boarding school education:

  • Catholic education promotes holistic learning. They educate in order to help a child develop holistically through a well-rounded educational process that creates different opportunities to cultivate the whole person. This process engages the human need for mental, physical, social, and even spiritual nourishment. This is exactly the mission of catholic boarding schools.
  • In the quest to bring children the greatest educational opportunities, catholic boarding schools make it a point to reflect societal changes in their academic curriculum. For instance, many of these schools support and advocate for technology’s expanding role in the educational experience as they continuously seek better ways to integrate different kinds of technological advancements into the classroom experience. The pursuit is ripe with many teachable moments as students learn not only how to operate and live with technology, but more importantly the collective responsibility of having such resources and applying such knowledge in a positive and respectful manner.
  • Catholic boarding schools are also known for their numerous enrichment activities, which not only help students academically, but promotes creative expression through different mediums like music, art, dance, etc. they have programs that support the nourishment and development of these skills and talents as students are allowed to express, create, experiment, and be empowered to develop their talents.
  • Apart from creative expression, catholic boarding schools also recognise the value of both competitive and recreational athletics, which many see as a great source of physical and spiritual enrichment. Boarding school sports programs not only promote physical fitness and a healthier lifestyle, but also moral and spiritual development, which are strengthened by teamwork, healthy competition, camaraderie, and hard work.
  • Catholic boarding school education likewise prioritises the sense of community. It takes a village to raise children rings true for these educational environments as everything that happens within the catholic boarding school community shapes the values and in turn the future of its students.

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