Silent Disco Dance With Silent Party Headphone- The New Age Of Partying!

Silent Party Headphone
Silent Disco Dance With Silent Party Headphone

Do The Silent Disco Dance With Silent Party Headphone- The New Age Of Partying!

What is the one most annoying thing of partying late at night in India? The no loud music restriction after 10 pm set by the government! It has been a bummer for all the pub hoppers and party lovers across India to not being able to enjoy good music. However, the rule was imposed keeping in mind the wellbeing of all the citizensespecially the residents living near such party outlets.
However, with the aid of technology, now one can enjoy a good party and loud music without causing discomfort to others! How you may ask? Well, the answer is available in the formof silent disco headphones! Yes the new way of partying of today’s youth, these silent dance party headphones allows you to enjoy music over different channels without a single sound spilling outside!
The silent disco headphones have been in circulation since 2000s. But the fad caught up in India only by 2016 with the release of Karan Johar’s Bollywood movie, ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ starring Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. The movie introduced the silent disco headphone culture to India and since then it has become a rage all over the country.
The benefits of silent dance party headphones

  • Zero noise pollution as the headset’s noise cancellation systemdoesn’t let a single sound spill out.
  • No huge costs for set up as you can easily rent the DJ system and the headsets at reasonable costs.
  • No disturbances to neighbors, old people, children and students alike
  • High frequency headsets with range up to 300 metres so that you can dance away the night even from a distance
  • Choice of upto 3 channels so you can enjoy music as per your choice

Silent disco headphones comes along with transmitters and DJ set up that allows you to listen to music on upto 3 channels. These sophisticated silent dance party headphones set up are easy to use and great in quality, granted you hire from a renowned vendor like Silent Party Headphone
Where can you use silent disco headphones?

  • Organize a silent garba party
  • Plan a silent dandiya night. In fact, silent disco headphones are quite a rage in Mumbai party scene during Navratri period.
  • Host a silent corporate conference without any hassle.
  • Hire for silent movie watching night for a group
  • Have a silent DJ party with loads of people grooving to their headsets silently

There are several benefits and no loss if you rent silent disco headphones for your next party session. Become the new trendsetter and start a fad. Hire from Premium Company like who offers great discounts and affordable rates on renting silent disco headsets in bulk. They have over 5000 pieces with around 100 transmitters and branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore.The company has been responsible for organising some major garba nights and DJ parties round major cities of India. Order from and enjoy the new age of silent disco dancing!

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Silent Party Headphones is a premium company providing silent disco headphones on rent at affordable rates to clients for various purposes. Be it a dandiya night or a disco party or a garba event, our range of high quality silent disco wireless headphones are the best that you will find in India.

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