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Cycling is being embraced by many people around the world for different reasons. Some people cycle for leisure, some for sport, others for exercise and others as an alternative to other means of commute for short to middle length distances. Cycling has many benefits, among these the fact that it promotes health and fitness of cyclers, it is a cheaper alternative to using vehicles which consume fuel, and it is easier to get from one place to another using bikes as one can avoid the hassle of traffic jams in major cities.

Fully Charged electric bikes is an electric bikes supplier based in the UK seeking to enhance the community’s experience in buying and using eBikes. Our eBikes are provided by the top electric bikes brands in UK, attesting to their quality and our commitment to give our clients only the best products. We allow our clients to have a demonstration cycle to affirm their belief that they are purchasing quality bikes. With your consent, we also offer 14 days’ free insurance for our bikes, while you decide whether to purchase a complete annual insurance cover. Purchase of our bikes can be done online or by visiting our store located near London Bridge.

We offer a variety of electric bikes from urban eBikes for city commuters, electric mountain bikes from brands such as BH, Moustache and KTM, cargo/delivery bikes suited to help businesses reduce their delivery and travel costs, unique eBikes such as retro eBikes to folding eBikes for those with limited space to store their bikes and Hybrid eBikes that allow you not only to easily ride about town but also go out and about on country tracks. Fully Charged electric bikes ensure that you arrive at your destination sweat free – we understand that this a major concern for clients who would wish to cycle to work.

Cycling forms an integral part of the future transport culture and we are sure you would not want to be left behind. Our showroom located near London Bridge is easily accessible and will allow you to have a glimpse of this upcoming world of cycling as a means of travel and the amazing technology behind it.

Our knowledgeable and experienced salespersons will enhance your tour and by the end of it, you will need no further convincing. We are a dedicated team of individuals and our client reviews available on our website speak for themselves: Fully Charged electric bikes are definitely the way to go. Join the cycling community today by purchasing an electric bike from Fully Charged electric bikes. Visit our website for more information on the electric bikes and services we offer and experience convenience like never before.

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