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A very important aspect of SEO is Social Media Optimization (SMO). It is a technique that helps in improving search engine rankings and promoting a brand by using the reach and inter connectivity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Over the years SMO is considered an important tool by SEO Sydney Professionals to bring traffic to a website. SMO must be done by following accepted rules else it may bring negative effects to a website. Carelessly done SMO may get a website blacklisted or banned by some search engines. If you are planning to use Social media for your website promotion, think twice before getting into action.

SMO –SEO checkpoints

Be Regular

Doing SMO once in a while is not a good idea. You must be very-very regular in marking your website’s presence on the social media. Be careful to post only the relevant posts describing what you are doing on your website. Excessive posts may put off the target audience.

Use Demographic Data

Google analytics is a good tool to help in effective SEO. It must be used to find out the information about the intended audience. Age, gender and place of audience is very important criteria to get full benefit from a post. You must be sure that as soon as the post appears on the social page your audience must be available to see it else it will be lost in the myriad of other posts. In short you must be aware about the time when your viewers are in most perceptive mode.

Be Politically, Ethically and Socially correct

Conflict, contradictions and arguments never bring positivism. You should avoid any kind of conflicting posts by all means. You must post politically, ethically and socially correct posts that do not generate negative feeling about your content. If you are promoting content on multiple social media your posts must convey consistent message everywhere.

Share, Share and Share

Only creating accounts on different social media platforms is insufficient. It must be supported with devoted efforts to share your posts with others. It is the most effective way of content propagation and promotion.

Plagiarism-free posts

Plagiarism is the most harmful thing for any content and it is true for posts that you see on social networks as well. You must totally and completely avoid content copied from any offline or online resources. The target should be to attract visitors and readers using original and pleasant posts to complement your website content.

Be Available to the Users

Once you post something interesting on social sites, your readers may wish to clear their queries. So you must respond them immediately without any failure since your response to clients will make them feel connected to you and have faith in your services.

Avoid Affiliate and Similar Posts

Most people find it profitable to share affiliate links to earn some more bucks. One thing you must know that many search engines consider affiliates spam. You can use affiliate links but If you overdo it, your website rankings may not slide downwards.


We have shortlisted some important aspects of social media for content optimization and SEO. If you have been doing it wrong way, you still have a chance to correct social media since it is dynamic and people love to see newer and attractive posts..

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