SEO: An overview

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A global survey recently revealed that 55% of the small business owner in big nations like Canada, Australia, USA, and India don’t have their business website, the misconception that only big brands needs website are still there in many individuals.
Irrespective of the size of your company in today’s digital era your strong online presence is one of the key factors for your business growth.

Your Website develop your business as a brand 

A website is like a link between your product or business with your target customers, your website stays connected with your clients 24×7, and this is the best thing about a website that it works when you are not working.

How to create a website
There are lots of web design template, software and tutorials available online and one can easily develop a website by following those guidelines,

Before interacting with you, visitors get information about your business or services from your website and if they found difficulty in navigation or the webpage taking to much time to load they become annoyed and moved away from your website to another web page which ultimately costs you to lost a potential client forever.

Your website is the first impression of your business, it is important that your website is technically and tactically effective, and for the same you have to consider a lots of parameter such as, which type of design is best for your website, what is the color combination best suit for your website, which coding language speeds up your site loading time. and for all these technical aspects you can approach to a professional web designing and development company which can help you to create a custom and credible website for your business.

But it isn’t like that you have an awesome website and your job is done,  there is no meaning of having a website which is unknown by users, Creating and uploading a website into the server is one thing, while attracting visitors is another.
As the growth of any business depends upon its marketing, likewise the growth of a website depends upon its promotion and here comes the SEO.

In simple terms, SEO is a marketing strategy apply to rank a website in search engine. There are various search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Schema, and many more but among all Google is undoubtfully the king with having 90% of market share.

SEO starts with keywords, even the entire SEO game is depended upon keywords, choosing a write keyword according to your niche is most important.
For keyword research following sites are widely used.

A keyword is a nothing but a search query, A keyword can be a line, punch line, a single word or a group of words, when any users type a keyword in google search engine it shows the result within less than one seconds on the first page of a search result.

Those websites which appear on front page will be within reach of maximum users, the traffic on those websites will increases considerably because in google eyes they are trustworthy and relevant to the user’s keywords, now for ranking any website it must be search engine friendly which means that it is easy to crawl by Google bots.

Characteristics of a search engine friendly website   

Keyword rich URL
A unique and descriptive title for all pages
Web pages have unique and usable content
Loading speed of web pages are fast
Images have Alt tags
Internal Linking
Page titles have H1 tags

SEO is primarily divided into two segments On Page and Off page SEO

On page SEO:  It can also be termed as “SEO works on web pages”. The on-page SEO consists of quality content and relevant keywords on web pages. In the content of the web pages, keywords should be used wisely. While writing title and description these keywords should reasonably be used. And most importantly create a link to other web pages for a clickable keyword.

Off Page SEO: It also termed as “SEO works for a website”. It includes many SEO tools like social bookmarking, article writing, article rewriting, blog posting, blog commenting, classified ad posting, press release, social media posting, backlink creation etc.

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