Self-drive Cars – Today’s Big Trend in India’s Travel Industry

In the American culture, cars have been a symbol of freedom for a very long time. But with so many advancements taking place in the technology, the freedom has been restructured completely. In the nearing times, the drivers of the cars would not even have to drive the cars themselves.

But the trend of self-drive cars is rapidly increasing in the nation. There can be different reasons for taking the service of self-drive cars across India. Self-drive car service is the service which lets the people take cars on rental basis and at their own prudence.

This revolution is the result of the increasing awareness of the shared economy amongst the youth generation of the country. In other words, a self-drive car provides an advantage of having one’s own car without actually having the possession of the car.

This new trend of self-drive car began in 2013-2014 and since then, this industry has progressed significantly, responding to the demands of the market. But renting a car and driving it all by yourself is still an infant concept which nullifies the need for purchasing the car.

The infrastructure is a big limitation in India which is a developing country. Majority of the cities face problems of traffic and restricted parking space.  It can be seen that the younger generation, specifically the people aged between 25 to 30 years are very attracted to this concept of self-drive rental car service. This rental industry has also disrupted the typical thinking of the Indian mentality of owning a car and driving it.

This is also because of the fact that most of the people have their jobs in the other cities, which does not make them feel the need of having a car. Due to this industry, various businesses have erupted which offer affordable car rental services to the youngsters who wish to go on a vacation with their friends and spend a stress-free weekend.

This concept of self-drive cars was a popular concept in the Western nations for a long time. Many big and renowned international players are now taking into consideration Indian market as the feasible market for their self-drive businesses. This business of self-drive is going to get very serious in the nation.

The age of technology and the innovations in the maps and the field of navigation have contributed the most to the growth and expansion of the self-drive business. These companies would start gasping for breath from the beginning if the technology would not have been changing so fast and rapidly.

The future of the self-drive car rental services is very bright because even the private company owners would start renting out their cars; which would help in the growth of their business.

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