Save Environment With Mississauga Electronics Recycling

The amount of E-waste is constantly growing, and such a surge brings forward the need of efficient electronics recycling. E-waste includes items like televisions, mobile phones, computer equipment, CD players and other electronic goods that are no longer working or those that you don’t want to use any more. COM2 Recycling Solutions is a Mississauga electronics recycling company that can efficiently refurbish or recycle your old and obsolete electronic goods.

Why Electronics Recycling is required?

Expert Toronto electronics recycling services can be helpful in getting rid of the unwanted electronic equipment without harming the environment, and also without posing any risk of your identity or personal information. With an aim to make their products cheap and easily affordable, many manufacturers are compromising with the quality. Because of this, electronic goods do not have a long life as before. This means increased number of electronic products becoming obsolete more frequently. Since technology is changing rapidly, people want to get rid of their older products sooner and get updated with the latest device. All these factors lead to increased number of electronic goods in the landfills. This not only consumes space, but also emits toxic gases that are dangerous for the environment. Battery recycling Toronto services offered by COM2 Recycling Solutions is helpful in disposing off lead-containing batteries in an eco-friendly way.

What Products can be sent for Electronics Recycling?

The following list provides a general idea of the kinds of electronic products that can be sent for electronics recycling:

• Computers and peripherals, including monitor, keyboard, hard disk, laptop, speaker, computer mouse, cables and accessories
• Office equipment, including fax machine, copier, PBX system, projector, plotter, printer, receiver, transmitter, security equipment, video and audio equipment etc.
• Mobile devices, including cell phone, camera, tablet, gaming device, MP3 player, PDA etc.
• Data center equipment, including server, storage array, server rack, panel board, PDU etc.
• Cable equipment, including cable boxes
• Home entertainment equipment, including LCD, LED and plasma television, hi-fi speaker, video camera, DVD player, gaming console, digital camera, etc.
• Batteries and cells in laptops, cell phones, cameras, watches and other portable devices

Info about CRT Recycling

CRT is the cathode ray tube that many computer monitors and televisions have. Because it contains lead in its funnel glass, its disposal in the landfills is considered to be extremely hazardous for the environment. That is why it is important to reuse and repair the CRT as far as possible. If that is not a practical solution, then you must consider CRT recycling. During the recycling process, valuable materials are recovered and the tube is disposed off in an eco-friendly way.

If you are looking for Mississauga or Toronto electronics recycling, then you can blindly trust upon COM2 Recycling Solutions for safe and reliable recycling. Try to reuse or repair your electronic goods as far as possible. But if that’s not the option, you should always give it in safe hands to recycle it properly. By doing this, you can at least minimize your carbon footprint on the environment.

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