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First let’s know what thermal curing as a process is. In this process heat is applied to the concrete materials so that the strength of the concrete can be accelerated. There are a variety of thermal curing methods and available and as the methods change so does the equipment. Every method though has some characteristic specific to it which makes it applicable in certain cases only. One such method used is hot mix method where the temperature of fresh concrete is increased by 32-degree centigrade. The temperature of the concrete material is increased either by heating the collection of material or by shooting a stream of hot water in the mix.

Thermal curing is a step of great importance in the manufacturing process as it maintains the quality of composite materials. Earlier we made use of autoclaves for curing purposes of the composite parts though the technological advancement today has brought to our disposal low-cost curing methods that are not done by autoclave and are of aerospace-grade such as vacuum bagging system with walk-in batch oven. The process is highly controlled and is monitored in a precise way to ensure void-free composite parts. Airflow is regarded as a very essential factor in maintaining the uniformity of the cured composite parts and understanding of dynamics of thermal airflow is quite important to make a better oven. The best oven offers exceptional temperature uniformity along with process control, data acquisition which is needed to complete the complex composite curing process. An efficient oven is so manufactured that it can easily insulate the heat so that the heating element doesn’t have to be switched on for a longer period of curing time. A good industrial oven aims at consuming about 20% of the overall curing time of the oven being switched on.

Basically you want a robust frame on the outside to serve as walls and on the inside you want an insulation board. You should refrain from mounting it directly on the concrete floor as it may suck up the heat. Then you want heating elements which will obviously produce heat and an exhaust that will circulate the air (hot/cold) in whirls that will pass the heating element so that even temperature is maintained throughout the oven.

At Savage Engineered equipment we design easy composites curing oven that suits your purpose just fine. Our easy composite curing ovens are state of the art in quality and reasonable in price.

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