Ronaldo vs Salah : Who’s worth splurging on?

Written by atiqah.khamurudin

Both of them are football titans in their own right – especially with all the talk surrounding who outperforms the other. Despite Real Madrid retaining their championship title over Liverpool last weekend at the UEFA Champions League final, the question remains perpetually embed in football fans mind as to who is the better player.

Even before the much awaited match that saw Real Madrid thrash Liverpool 3-1, Portugal’s golden boy was seen repeatedly denying the similarities between him and the African winger, most recently in an interview with Metro. And even seconds before the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid, Metro reported Cristiano Ronaldo shooting an eerily death glare at the Salah.

With all the hype surrounding the comparisons between the two, we could not help but take a hit and compare from a different angle. While everyone plays football pundits and proves who is the better footballer, we decided to see who between the two makes for the most cost-effective one. Is Ronaldo or Salah worth having on your team for each pass and goal they score throughout this Champions League? In other words, who would you splurge on to have on your team?

With some help from the guys at digital platform CupoNation Malaysia, we analyzed the performance of not only Ronaldo and Salah, but also the other best players from both Real Madrid and Liverpool. We compared each players’ on field performance against their earnings. From then, we could see who has been the most cost-effective player throughout the Champion’s League (well without factoring the final).

Based on the study, it makes complete sense why Ronaldo can afford to be ultra confident that Salah comes nowhere close to him in performance. Portugal’s golden boy has scored the most expensive goals throughout the tournament with each goal valued at 436,000 euros. Ronaldo has also scored a total of 15 goals in comparison to Salah’s 10 goals which valued at a mere 157,000 euro per goal.

When two players from the same team have the same amount of assists or goals, the player with least amount of playing time in the Champion’s League is considered as the most cost effective one. Which only made sense as to why we compared all the best players in Real Madrid and Liverpool instead of looking at just Ronaldo and Salleh.

Apparently the most cost-effective in both teams are actually not the strikers but the midfielders and defenders. With each successful pass of Toni Kroos and Dejan Lovren costing only a mere 3 thousand euro.

Cost effectiveness aside, we will just have to stay tuned to see if Salah can prove Ronaldo wrong in the ultimate battle of the titans!




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