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The organic usages of coconut and its coir substrate using the latest ecologically sound technologies have been gradually evolving around different parts of the world in countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian nations. Riococo, a reputed coconut producing and coir supplying market leader strategically applies the energy-efficient hydroponics technique with the help of greenhouse regeneration resolutions.

Coconut Coir – Extracting Procedure, Benefits and Uses

Two varieties of coir or fibre is available worldwide, namely the white and brown coir.

Now, the brown coir under-layer is derived from the coconuts that have ripened properly. The brown-coloured coco coir is strong and enduring in nature, as they are more matured.Besides, this brown coloured coir has been used in hydroponic procedures and horticulture.

The coco coir or fibre is derived from the hard shell of the coconut. The coir holds a higher quantity of cellulose fibre with a greater amount of lignin or a natural polymer providing firmness in the coir. As the coir can retain high levels of water, it does not continue to remain moist. The organic coir fibre is derived through the synchronised process of peeling manually or mechanically and drenching them in the water, and subsequently de-fibering them applying an energy-efficient technique.

Due to its recyclable attribute, the coconut coir is soaked in fresh water for six months duration, and eventually in saline water for another eight months. This assists the coir in regulating its microbes and reacting properly throughout the process of decomposing. Subsequently, the coir fibre is extracted using a sustainable automated procedure in around two or ten days based on the maturity level of the coconut husk or the hard shell.

Due to its high water-retaining ability, the coir is advantageous for greenhouse farming procedures.

Now, as the coir substrate maintains a great pH neutral level, it can be blended smoothly with different horticultural methods. Besides, there is no need for any pesticides, as the coir itself has vital anti-fungal aspects. The coir fibre grows twice its size after it is adequately drenched in fresh and saline water during the retting process. When the fibre or coir is applied commercially in its compressed form, it offers a great price to the suppliers or retailers.

As the coconut coir is organic super-absorbent substance holding water up to 10 times its weight, it aids in greater air circulation, and provides a sufficient amount of oxygen to the plant roots, apart from retaining enough moisture. With this coco coir, one can have a hydroponic-type gardening system similar to a soil-based garden. However, the gardening system using the coir fibres should be watered with nutrient-rich water. Again, the coco coir can be well-used as an effective organic pest management technique for the plants.

As the coco coir is affordable and lightweight, it can be well used as natural bricks again for gardening. Hence, eco-friendly coco coir in brick-form is highly cheaper than its chemical counterparts or toxic pesticides. Therefore, this recyclable coco coir in the form of peat when used in plants will make them safer against fungal infections, while having relatively high growth.

Moreover, due to its higher water-retentive capability, the coir is also used industrially in the fabric padding putting inside different types of furniture such as sofa and coir-based beds. Additionally, coco coir is also applied to produce biodegradable and handcrafted mats and carpets. Thus, these coir-based carpets are highly durable, thus enduring continuous usage while placed in public halls and auditoriums.

Final Verdict

Eventually, it can be stated that coco coir or fibre can be well-used as an eco-friendly substance for extensive greenhouse floricultural methods under Riococo, which supports the hydroponics technologies. Thus, coir substrate can be justifiably procured from Ceyhinz Link International Inc., as they are the market leader for sustainably produced coir products.

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