RIOCOCO brings forth 100% natural and eco-friendly methods of planting in grow bags

The concept of planting in grow bags is not at all a new hypothesis. Starting right from mediaeval periods in the civilisation of the Greeks and Egyptians, plants were designed in woven bags and baskets. Thus, this unique idea of propagating plants and shrubs in grow bags remains one of the idealistic options utilised as a perfect alternative to pots and containers. Besides, they are a cost-effective solution, as they are composed of 100% organic, reusable, biodegradable, compact, and durable natural coco coir-based fabric, thereby establishing their energy-efficiency and sustainability for a greener environment.

What can be the Unique Benefits of Gardening in Grow Bags?

  • As grow bags are very light in weight compared to the heavier options of containers, so they have flexibility in their transportability. Hence, coco coir fabric grow bags can be conveniently placed in the outdoor gardens from the porch area as they are offered with sturdy handles, especially during the season for their propagation.
  • These coco coir bags are 100% breathable, as they have countless micro-pores in the entire contours of their fabric. Hence, this air-circulation aids the surrounding air to make sufficient contact with the soil, than in pots or containers, resultantly benefitting the plants to absorb the requisite nourishment from the soil. Therefore, this unique attribute offers an excellent medium of aeration for the plants, thereby generating the vital 30% oxygen required for the root system for their quick growth.
  • Amongst other advantages of coco coir substrate grow bags is that they can drain out surplus water from underneath their fabric. Thanks again to the unique porous structure of the coir bags; it helps in discharging out excess water from the roots that might have been detrimental for the plants relating to overwatering issues.
  • Besides, these organic grow bags can easily regulate the temperature within their biodegradable fabrics. Thus, it can eliminate the excess heat that can be created with its fabric, especially during the summer months. With such heat-dissipation properties, it can effectively harness optimal horticultural growth. However, when the climate is cool, the coir fabric can sustain the warmer nature of the soil.
  • Again, these natural coconut coir fabricated grow bags come with exclusive anti-bacterial qualities, assisting them to be used as organic pesticides for effective plant growth.
  • Moreover, these coir growing bags have beneficial features of low-salt contents, which prove helpful for the proper development of the root structure in the plants. Now, in this context, it should be stated that high levels of salt-ions like, harmful boron and chlorine are simply fatal for the root system, which is not the case with the organic coir-based grow bags.
  • Additionally, these naturally produced energy-efficient plant bags maintain a neutral pH level of 6.5 to 7 that helps them to sustain a productive development of the shrubs and herbs.
  • Furthermore, as these coir bags are particularly stamped with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certification, so they can be significantly identified as 100% organic or naturally composed materials, such as coco coir or coco peat.
  • Yet another benefit lies in its utilisation in soil-based planting methods, or even through aquaculture techniques of plant propagation.
  • These grow bags are available from RIOCOCO in unique contours and elevations, helping them to adjust for different shapes of plants and shrubs.

Final Thoughts

With such diverse advantages, it can be sensible for the clients and agriculturists to order unique organic recyclable grow bags only from RIOCOCO under Ceyhinz Link International Inc., as they only sell 100% organic OMRI authorized coir-based products. Therefore, planting in Coco Coir grow bags becomes more convenient for the end-users with such quintessential essence of natural decomposable, and super absorptive coir materials that have a considerable low-carbon impact on the ecosystem.

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