Product photography: How to boost sales of your online store

Product photography in e-commerce is one of its main success factors. In this article, we present 4 ideas to achieve it. E-commerce is a global industry that grows year after year steadily. For this reason, many brands from different areas (mainly fashion stores ) continue to join this trend, which, according to various studies, will continue to increase.

One of the main allies of the eCommerce industry is product photography. 

Unable to try on the garment, feel the smoothness of the texture or check the quality of the raw material, the potential online customer needs to approach the item in a different way. A way that inspires confidence and peace of mind to define yourself by purchasing.

And it is here where photography takes center stage as it becomes the main link between the person and the product they want to purchase.

By showing its main characteristics and differentials in detail, that is, by explaining exactly what the article of your interest is like, product photography gives consumers the security they need to buy online. Does this mean that the product photo can increase the sales of an online business? Exact! That is why it is essential to dedicate time (and a lot of effort) to taking these photos.

To get a professional product photograph and differentiate your brand from the competition, you have to make sure that it:  Be of excellent quality. The photo can be taken with a digital camera or with a high-resolution cell phone. Remember that the greater the number of pixels, the better the clipping path service quality. Show the article from different angles. In this way, you resolve possible doubts from your potential customers, facilitating and speeding up their purchasing process.

If possible, take it in natural light. This type of light provides greater warmth over what you want to show. Also, if you are just starting to take your own product photos, it is important to know that natural light is easier to handle than artificial light.

Now that you know why product photography is key in an online store, we have some creative ideas for you to apply in your own business.

4 Ideas to make attractive product photos and sell more!

As we said above, product photography can define the purchase decision of a potential client. For this reason, and to continue adding sales in your store, we share some ideas so that you can create photos of your articles that attract (even more) your consumers and inspire confidence in your brand.

  1. Show the manufacturing process of your product

This type of photography is responsible for highlighting the level of manual production that a product received, and it is a differential that customers often value when buying online.

In addition to allowing you to know more about your article, the product manufacturing photo transmits to your consumers part of the human facet of your brand, that is, what is behind it and the values that represent it.

Let’s take a specific example: the Awanay online store sells carpets made by hand from 100% natural wool, respects the times of each stage of the production process (which are usually longer than industrial times), and supports fair trade.

In order to make these values ​​known to potential buyers, Awanay was commissioned to portray each phase of manufacture of the rugs in photos that show the level of craftsmanship of their products:

Product photography

Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of the strengths of your article creation process to create attractive photos that generate sales for your business.

  1. Detail the different uses that your product can have

Another strategy to get more customers in your online store through photography is to show them the different uses that they can give to the same product that you sell. This way, they will feel like they buy more than one item for the same price!

There are different ways to achieve this, it all depends on the type of product you offer. For example, if you sell scarves in your online business, you could take product photos of this style: 

Thus, you are going to give your consumers many ideas on how to wear your scarves, and that can increase their purchase intention.

  1. Share the happiness of your customers using your product

This type of photography is ideal to use on your social networks since they are more spontaneous and informal. These are customers who show how they use your product and how happy they are with it.

Despite its “informality”, it is important that you check that the photos are of high quality so that they do not pixelate or damage the display of your profile on Instagram and other social networks.

Accessories store Dasha shares these photos on her Instagram: This can incentivize the purchase of new customers interested in the items you sell. Do you dare to try it?

  1. Take advantage of special dates

Special events like Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Children’s Day are occasions that people often celebrate. Therefore, during those periods, we recommend that you add to your product photos some elements related to the date. These elements can be colors, textures, or materials that increase the visual impact of your photographs and reinforce the spirit of that special day.

If we take Children’s Day as an example, some possible materials to add to your images are:

confetti of different colors;

card stock to use as a colored background;

Fun colored post it. We show you how the online store Orvieto took advantage of this special date in its product photos: Do you already know which product photography you are going to venture into?

Let’s do it!

As you can see, product photography is a key part of any business that offers its products online. So it’s time to start taking your own product photos!

We hope these tips are helpful to you. If you have already tried other types of product photography, tell us how they turned out in the comments. We would love to hear about your experience!

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