Problems caused by improper storage of fruits and vegetables

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Food poisoning is a common effect of eating bad which has been stored for too long also comes under the category of bad food.Some people just wait too long to throw away food items which have been stored for too long.Until and unless they do not notice molds of fungi or changes in colour of the food items they use these food items for consumption which might lead to a lot of health problems.

The following is a list of some common food items and for how long they  can be stored for consumption:-

1.Capsicum – 1 week

2.Cabbage – 2 weeks

3.Carrots – 2 weeks

4.Cauliflower – 1 week

5.Celery – 2 weeks

6.Chilli – 2 weeks

7.Leafy – 3 days

8.Eggplant – 5 days

9.Garlic – 2 months

10.Ginger- 3 weeks

11.Green beans – 1 week

12.Spinach – 3 days

13.Cilantro – 3 days

If you use stored food items beyond a certain period,then there is a risk of food-borne diseases.Even manufacturers put best if used by dates on food products.These dates indicate when a food item’s quality may begin to deteriote.


Learn to limit your storage time.Fresh is best when it comes to nutrition.

Also the three main destroyers of nutrients in fruits and vegetables are heat,light and oxygen.When you slice up fruits and vegetables in advance and store them in the refrigerator for a long time,then their nutirnets get destroyed as they are exposed to heat,light and oxygen.Please avoid slicing vegetables and fruits too far in advance.

Storing food in the refrigerator is a substantial practice in every goes a long way in preserving the quality of food.

Storing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator is a good practice to stop the spoilage process and preserve nutrients.However if stored for too long it might destroy the nutrients and the flavor of the food items.If you want them to last for long,consider freezing them.

These are some items which you should never refrigerate:-

1.Storing a bread in the refrigerator for too long is a bad idea as it leads to drying up of bread.Instead you can keep whatever you will be eating for 3 days at room temperature and freeze the remaining.

2.Once you get herbs into your kitchen you store them right away in the fridge.But storing them in the fridge causes them to spoil faster.Instead you can keep them in a jar filled with water on your kitchen counter which will keep them fresh for a longer period.

3.Refrigeration affects the quality of potatos.They need to be stored in paper bags outside a refrigerator;because plastic will end up decaying your potatoes.

4.Fruits like apple,bananas,citrus fruits etc. should be stored outside the refrigerator if possible.Their storage in the refrigerator leads to loss of flavor and texture.

5.Onions should never be refrigerated.They should be stored in paper bags in a cool dark spot.

6.Refrigeration condenses coffee and reduces its flavor.So store coffee outside the refrigerator in an airtight container.

7.Do not store honey in refrigerator as refrigeration causes honey to harden.

8.Garlic should never be refrigerated as refrigeration of garlic causes a mold of fungi to develop.Garlic should be stored outside the refrigerator in a cool,dark place.

So now you know how to preserve fruits and vegetables in the right manner for consumption and not to preserve them for too long.

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