Nursing Home Vs. Rehabilitation Center: What Care Do You Need?

When you are thinking about long-term care, choosing the proper medical care is very tough and can also provide support for both the families of the patients and the patients simultaneously. You may be wondering what will be better, nursing home or a rehabilitation center when you want some special care.

Here are some differences between a nursing home and a rehabilitation center for helping you in making the right decision.

Details About Nursing Homes

A nursing home is a special type of medical facility that is capable of offering long-term and personal health care for those patients who are unable to take proper care of themselves. Nursing homes can be divided into two types; private and public.

Advantages of Nursing Homes

  • They are mainly close to family, so visiting the patient becomes much easier.
  • Nursing homes are accessible ones. There are some very good options in many areas.
  • They sometimes accept medical insurance of some categories.
  • They mainly focus on providing medical care for a long time instead of just sending the patients back to their normal and daily routine.
  • Nursing homes offer both social, recreational events for the patients and their family members.
  • They offer care all day.

Cons of Nursing Homes

  • Unless mentioned, a room may consist of two patients, and they will get three meals per day.
  • The ratio of staff to residents may be less.
  • Nursing homes are mainly subsidized by several levels of government funding.

Nursing homes are a perfect and convenient option if you need long-term care and assistance.

Details about a Rehabilitation center

A rehabilitation center, on the other hand, is a special facility that can be both public and private, which can offer both training and therapy for rehabilitation. This type of special medical facility is able to give you occupational, physical, and also proper speech therapy if required.

Advantages of Rehabilitation center

  • They accept various types of insurance.
  • They can give you the right in-house rehabilitation services and can also properly focus on multiple therapies to help the transition process of the resident to bring them back to their daily life before the starting of the rehab.
  • The patients can get three meals a day and also can have snacks in addition to those already scheduled meal times.
  • Room and board can consist of two people per room unless any specific information is provided.

Cons of Rehabilitation center

  • Rehabilitation centers try their best to get the patients back on their daily routine as soon as possible, as this will often open up some new beds and thus they can make sure a hassle-free transition to be successfully back into the society.
  • They are not best for long-term or terminal care.

How can both of them work together?

In some specific cases, both these medical facilities that are nursing homes and rehabilitation centers can also work together. A patient, in some cases, starts the actual treatment in a rehabilitation center, and after some time, gets transferred into a nursing home. 

On the other hand, in some cases, they get admitted to a rehab center after receiving treatment at a nursing home for some period of time as well. Some of the medical facilities also offer both of these special treatments if required.

So, both the facilities are known as the nursing home and the rehabilitation center are important to treat the patients and give them a normal life as per their requirements and preferences.


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