New Order Provides GPS Radiation surveys Across Many Industries

Written by johnwalter

Today, individuals are exposed to radiation in everyday life from different unknown sources. Radiations not only effect people but also cause harmful effects on environment. It is important to protect people and environment from harmful effects of radiation exposure.

New Order Environmental Services, LLC has the expertise and experience to understand the environmental issues, develop practical approaches, and implement cost-effective solutions.

New Order Environmental Services, LLC works closely with clients, regulators, and other stakeholders to achieve a shared vision and complete the project safely, on time, and within budget. Our professional and expert team strives hard to satisfy our clients and meet the specific needs of clients.

The main purpose of New Order Environmental Services, LLC is to help clients run safe, clean, compliant and cost-effective operations, while minimizing environmental impact. Our professional and highly qualified team with deep technical knowledge helps us to achieve our objectives.

We have aligned our mission with our clients goal of completing GPS Radiation survey of the site as quickly as possible, freeing the site for reuse and to benefit our clients. In addition to performing the GPS Radiation survey at the site, New Order Environmental Services, LLC provides the multifaceted services such as Drone UAV Gamma GPS Surveys, Radiological Surveys, Geophysical Surveys, Data Processing, and Global Information System (GIS) Mapping Services.

We offer a full range of radiological environmental services with expertise across many industries including manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, defence, engineering, R&D and educational institutes.

The team working at New Order Environmental Services, LLC brings a proven team of industry experts who have relevant knowledge and experience in the field. The expert team focuses on safely achieving our Client’s objective and transform contaminated sites into positive resources.

Our professional team uses their expertise and skills in reducing the technical risk and uncertainty through GPS Radiation survey and Aerial inspections thus enabling to clean the site in a safely, cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner.

Geospacially Referenced GPS Radiological Surveys provides technical reviews, readiness assessments, assistance and guidance thus enhancing worker safety, accelerating schedules, and reducing costs.

New Order Environmental Services, LLC is a trusted radiological environmental remediation and reclamation firm, enhancing the quality and safety of facilities and site management. We deliver this through our expert skills, and dedicated team that is committed to provide a comprehensive approach to the radiation safety needs of clients. We place high value on safety, innovation, and meticulousness to produce quality results for our clients.

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