Natural Sparkling Coconut Water – A Perfect Sports Drink

Well, if you know you know, the track goes: You put the pineapple into the coconut water, and you have a refreshing pineapple and coconut drink. And guess what is next! You drink it up. You can see many local and online stores selling natural sparkling coconut water these days. However, what matters the most is always to choose a variant that comes with zero sugar, color, and preservatives.

For instance, brands like Hydra Coco offer coconut flavored sparkling water and modern juices made with a perfect blend of lime and coconut drink. If you are wondering why go for the flavored ones? Because usually, coconut water is not that easy to drink because of its sharp, salty taste. 

Well, now it is all sorted when you have so many variants to enjoy from. As coconut water has made enough space across the globe, here are a few benefits you can also enjoy with it, especially if you have ideal workout goals to achieve. Take a look. 

Natural Refreshment

The presence of natural electrolytes makes it a perfect match for traditional drinks like Pina Colada, Gatorade, and many more. Now, why are we calling it “Natural” here? Because it has no artificial sweeteners or coloring in it. Several studies have shown that this wonderful recharging drink can keep an individual hydrated and replenish the required fluids. 

Low-Calorie Count

Most women still prefer to go with a pineapple and coconut drink post-workout because it is a perfect substitute for juice, sodas, and stiff drinks. In simple words, it has a minimal or zero amount of sugar and carbs as compared to other liquids. 


Normally, if we see, then lime and coconut drink have other pleasing benefits like it helps neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress by exercise. Look for the fresh, natural sparkling coconut water to make the most of the antioxidants. 

Magnesium and Calcium 

Magnesium is mainly responsible for moving potassium and calcium into muscles while supporting muscle relaxation and contraction. When an intense workout session leaves you depleted, in that case, magnesium lacks, and your body becomes more prone to spasms and cramps. So, why not try coconut flavored sparkling water to support better organ function and energy production. 

On the other hand, calcium is a vital nutrient for having healthy teeth and bones. The moment you exercise, your muscles usually tow the bones and sometimes cease their functioning. As your body and muscles recover over time, the bones use the stored calcium to repair and be stronger than before. So, stock enough calcium and magnesium before you welcome those weak bones and unwanted cramps! 


Finally, products like pineapple and coconut drink have ten times more potassium than the other refreshing or energy drinks. An 8-ounce glass of natural coconut water has the same content of potassium as a banana. Around 450 gms of potassium intake daily can help an individual drop those spasms and sprains. 

Plus, it keeps the electrolyte and fluid balance, especially when you workout. What most of us miss in all these features is that coconut water has cytokinins that have unique cancer-fighting and anti-aging properties, which can keep your skin hydrated, awake, and youthful all the time. 

Did you know that coconut water also has amino acids that build protein blocks and helps repair tissues while keeping the heart-healthy? 

The bottom line is that natural sparkling coconut water is one of the best ways to rehydrate and be an alternative if you are on a low or no-calorie diet. So, are you all set to enjoy the authentic taste of this tropical fruit? 

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