Must Know Common Indicators Of An Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many of us will have gotten into routine check-ups with our dentist. Over twice-yearly dental check-ups make it easy to address relatively common issues, such as tooth decay or aches. But sometimes the issues may be a bit more serious than we think. It is always important to know the warning signals of more pressing dental concerns, as these can be an indicator of a serious issue say, wisdom teeth impaction.

When wisdom teeth starts to emerge, it will definitely be painful. However, you may not see any signs of the emerging wisdom teeth when they are impacted, until it hurts you. Attending your wisdom teeth before the pain or infection sets in can help a lot. Neglecting the symptoms will increase not only your suffering but can also damage the adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney are affordable and it is a very simple procedure for you not to bare the symptoms.

Indicators Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Include:

1. Swelling Of The Jaw:

The jaw and the surrounding tissues of your gum near the impacted wisdom teeth may become swollen, making it painful and difficult to open the mouth. Tenderness in the area is one of the major warning signals that you have an impacted wisdom tooth. Seek professional help if you ever notice one.

2. Swollen/Bleeding Gums:

Impacted wisdom teeth can affect the gums, causing it to swell and bleed. Bleeding gums especially when brushing or flossing is a sure sign of wisdom teeth impaction damaging the gum tissue. Tender and swollen gums are also a symptom of gum disease, so it is best to have a dentist check you.

3. Throbbing Pain In The Rear Side Of The Mouth:

You will experience a great deal of pain over time if your wisdom teeth are impacted, especially if they continue to grow impact. The pain will be radiating from the rear of the mouth, near the molars and the wisdom teeth. As the wisdom teeth come in, they displace other teeth increasing the intensity of the pain. In such cases, the dentist will first minimise your pain with medications, before wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

4. Swollen Lymph Nodes:

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to infection. This, in turn, will cause swelling of lymph nodes in the neck and shoulder region. If you feel such swelling, visit a professional immediately.

5. A Frequent And Intense Headache:

Impacted wisdom teeth can affect your bite, which will displace the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jawbone to the skull. This displacement can cause severe headaches.

Wisdom teeth may require removal in most of the cases. Even if they do not hurt now, they may in future. Do not suffer pain anymore! For, the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is affordable now.

The author is a dentist, dedicated in offering safe, gentle and efficient wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. With his team of professionals, he offers painless and relaxed oral surgery. Visit for details.

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