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What is Qliksense ?

Qlik Sense self-service visualization. Drive insight discovery with the data visualization app that anyone can use. If you  learn QlikSense, everyone in your organization can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions.


Prerequisite to learn MaxMunus QlikSense Training

  • Business Intelligence
  • Sound understanding of SQL
  • DataWarehouse & DataModeling concpets
  • Programming proficiency in any language, this will prove that your logics are good.


Reason to Learn QlikSense :

Data Visualization:- A free data visualization tool that anyone can use on a personal computer when they learn qliksense. Couple of years ago Qlik acquired NcomVA that is renowned for their data visualization. This company was formed by PhDs that specialized in developing graphic visualizations to communicate what is happening in your data.

Learn Qliksense as it is Easy of Use:-The product is easy to use. It’s designed for the end user so they can truly perform self-serve BI with no more waiting on IT to build a report. In fact it’s so easy even our salespeople can build solutions and tell their story using the tool. A member of our sales team, with no previous experience or training with Qlik Sense, grabbed the tool and in an afternoon had built an application to communicate to the rest of the team his sales activity, where we were getting traction, what activities were generating results and what activities weren’t. Imagine what your team could do when they learn qliksense and have qliksense training material!


Storytelling:- When you learn QlikSense Training you will learn qliksense new feature called storytelling. It allows you to build presentations within the tool so you can share the insights you gain in your analysis. The benefit of their storytelling feature is the ability to instantly return to the analysis application to answer questions your audience may have.


Associative Data Engine:- Qlik Sense still has the Associative Data Engine allowing us to see what is associated with the data you have selected. This is extremely powerful in providing insight into the relationships between items in your business. Adding to this is the “Smart Search” which allows you to search for and find anything regardless of where it is in your data.


Governed Data and Security:- With QlikSense Training and qliksense training materials peopele can easily use and allows the business user to perform self-serve business intelligence it is also Enterprise ready.If you learn Qlik Sense it will provides for Governed Data so the organization can regulate the data to ensure everyone is using the same data sources and formulas. This ensures there is a single version of the truth. In addition to the governed data we have enterprise security to ensure that only those that are allowed to see the information have access to it.


MaxMunus provide qliksense Training Material and Software Support. MaxMunus has successfully conducted 100000+  trainings in India, USA, UK, Australlia, Switzerland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Bahrain and UAE etc.


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